What makes Ellen Degeneres so special

A great personality

Impression is your persona, as mere presence change the atmosphere bringing smile and inherent happiness. Ellen Degeneres is a personality and an institution to learn different colors of human life. Being innovative, she is a leader and never afraid to compete. Her experimentation can be risky, at times, but she believes in it and executes it with precision.

That’s Ellen Degeneres, an American comedienne, television host, actress, writer and television producer is one of her kind! Her motto in life “Let’s Beat that One” has helped her achieve anything she desires. An Ageless Beauty with crazy dance moves has no time to judge people she simply loves them for who they are. She uses her celebrity for good cause whether it’s human or animal rights.

Ellen is funny. Like, really funny.

Don't take my word for it. Take these five examples instead, in her own words.

  • "Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else's path unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that."
  • "I'm so unfamiliar with the gym, I call it James!"
  • "My point is, life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The pina and the colada."
  • "People always ask me, 'Were you funny as a child?' Well, no, I was an accountant."
  • "Laugh. Laugh as much as you can. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you laugh. Keep doing it even if people are passing you on the street saying, 'I can't tell if that person is laughing or crying, but either way they seem crazy, let's walk faster.'"

What makes Ellen so special!


Every single season of Ellen’s show is flooded with new ideas, games, and style. She has a knack of being original!

Skills for monetizing:

She has the power to sell anything anywhere and to anybody. She has created a buzz among all the age groups!

Emotionally balanced:

She is fearless, challenging and has a hold on every single emotion of hers.

Is a Giver:

Ellen supports numerous organizations, and has won many awards for her charitable efforts. Recently, DeGeneres learned about an organization called The Gentle Barn, a home and hospital for animals that have been abused. On her website, DeGeneres urges her viewers to donate. With Ben Affleck, DeGeneres launched the "Small Change Campaign" to benefit Feeding America. Ellen supports the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund through the American Red Cross. Degeneres’ Ellen for the Cure campaign, run during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month on her television show, supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She often gives out prizes and donations on her show.

Gratitude is her Ritual:

Ellen always makes gratitude a ritual. She will always:

  • Drop in on direct reports and say, “Thank you.”
  • Name something they’ve done and say, “Thanks.”
  • Name a character quality and say, “You’re awesome.”
  • Explain how they’re making a difference and say, “Keep up the great work.”

Spreading Happiness:

Sharing happiness spreads it and people have more influence than they know. She is doing this through speaking her mind out publicly. Ellen is one of many celebrities who can spread happiness and equality wherever she is. She even ends her own talk show with a simple reminder to “be kind to one another.” Kind words like these will add loads of positivity to your day.

Is a Dream Maker:

The internet has become a new way to find talent and, boy, Ellen knows it. Whether it’s a four-year-old who loves to sing or a 30-year-old magician, she always invites these special, talented people onto her show.

She is different, she is funny, she is adorable and she is Ellen…..

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10 Cool Sites to Earn Money Online as Freelance Writer


There are thousands of online opportunities to make money but how many of them are genuine? Freelance article writing has lot of scope and gives you the opportunity to work from home. You just need to know where the jobs are and you can start making money pretty quick.

I am not much into writing freelance articles but, while researching I came across few cool sites which are genuinely offering writing jobs and payout is also reasonably good money, here are 10 sites where you can get paid to write your own articles. It's possible to be a full-time freelance writer earning a living, or to be a part-time freelancer supplementing a regular income. Another role is to simply do it for fun or to build up a broader portfolio of skills.

If you have certain skills and can illustrate on it you can earn……


Cracked.com is basically a site devoted for fun but informative. If you are a funny, smart, creative person, Cracked.com offers a good opportunity to earn some extra cash with article writing.

No experience necessary. They will pay you if it’s good. You get to talk directly to the editors. Their content includes articles, photoshops, infographics and videos. Take your pick.

Register for the site, click on the writer’s workshop, which leads you to the message board where everyone pitches their articles.

Strong Whispers

Strong Whispers offers readers a range of articles about lifestyle, environment and other social issues. The range is wide. Your contribution is not limited.

Articles can range from corporate greed, to education reform or change in world leadership to letting the people govern and make decisions on the way Strong Whispers treat the environment and exploitation of the resources.

After you submit your article online, If approved, it will be set to publish either immediately or at a future date. Once set to publish, you will be paid via PayPal.

College Humour

College Humor Media,  is an online entertainment company targeting a core audience of people ages 18-49.

Founded by two high school friends, College Humour Media delivers daily comedic content, including videos, pictures, articles and jokes, created and/or curated by the College Humour staff.

They attract more than 15 million monthly unique visitors online and more than 100 million video views per month with popular sketches such as “Jake and Amir,” “Very Mary Kate” and “Troopers.”


Tutsplus is a huge network, and that gives its authors considerable exposure. They pay good rates for accepted tutorials and have a great community of knowledgeable authors you can join by creating educational content for Tuts+.

If you have extensive experience in your field, and a passion for teaching creating tutorials for Tuts+ could be a good option.

How to get started

Your tutorial must be your original work and not published elsewhere.

Developer Tutorials

Developer Tutorials strives to provide its users with a regular supply of cutting-edge programming and design guides keeping them up-to-date on new and emerging technologies and techniques. To help fuel this effort they continually seek knowledgeable writers to produce unique, high quality tutorials.

They are also looking for articles referencing cool and useful lists that users would both be interested in and benefit from reading.

An example of this might be, “30 Cool Web Tools to Make Your Development Easier” or “30 Awesome Photoshop Movie Poster Tutorials”.

Tutorials are required to be a minimum of 1000 words and should include illustrations (screenshots etc) if needed to more effectively portray your message.

Metro Parent

Metro Parent Publishing Group is open to experienced freelance writers to help build the content of their magazine and website. Their general goal is to have a good mix of fun and substantive local stories of interest to local parents.

Here are a few factors to consider before sending your pitch.

Make it local. They are looking for stories and sources that reflect the communities they cover: Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. Therefore, southeast Michigan ideas and sources are preferred.

Pitch early. Content for Metro Parent is determined months in advance. Story ideas should be pitched a good two to three months before the month it would run. This is particularly important for seasonally-anchored stories.

Site Point

SitePoint strives to be at the forefront of new ideas, emerging challenges and cutting-edge technology on the web. Since 1999, they have published over 10,000 books and articles that help over 4 million readers per month become better web developers.

They are always looking to partner with passionate web development writers.

Who Writes for SitePoint?

Their writers are generally web professionals with a passion for development and design. They are specifically looking for content that is technical, instructive, well-written, and innovative. After reading a SitePoint article, readers should have learned something new they can apply to their work.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, SitePoint works with writers from all over the world. Their editors are web developers and designers at the top of the industry. They pay above-industry rates for quality articles, and work with their writers to publish content the entire team is proud of.

Site Point covers the following topics:

·         CSS, JavaScript, PHP

·         Ruby, Mobile development, UX

·         Design, HTML

You will have to enquire using the link above for rates and process.


Uxbooth do not accept fully written drafts outright. Instead, they pair authors with editors in order to collaborate throughout the writing process. It works like this:

You pitch a topic or idea that you’d like to share. Don’t be shy!

If accepted, a development editor is assigned to you in order to help you develop your narrative in accordance with their style guide. The two of you discuss and evolve the idea until it’s ready to share.

That’s it! Articles are usually published four-to-eight weeks after they’re initially pitched.

Tutorial Board

They are always looking for talented individuals to contribute articles to TutorialBoard. If you have the skill to write an excellent tutorial to produce a unique and impressive effect/design/graphic, then they would totally like to hear from you. If you’re skilled with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Maya or any other industry standard CG software they will pay you up to $150 p/tutorial.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is the number one web design blog online, and you can easily gain a lot of exposure while at the same time getting paid for every article you submit that is accepted. There is no fixed price for your articles, but you can be rest assured that you will be paid well if your article is of great quality and if it is accepted.

Start with writing a concept and go through their sites to know editors habit and then elaborate on you topic, do research to create greater impact. Edit for grammar and eliminate spelling mistakes before uploading or sending.

Earn online and be happy.

Do write your comments on this articles and visit blogmag………………

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10 Mantras for startup business success

10 Mantras for startup business success

Entrepreneurs always inspire people by virtue of their creations, innovations and richness. Never before we have witnessed so many millionaire or billionaires been created is such a haste by us. But that’s the pace now and we all love this speed and expect us to remain part of it. Entrepreneurs are amazing people who never stop exploring opportunities to build an empire. I closely observed few great entrepreneurs during last few years and realized they altogether have a different mindset. This made me put some of my experiences with them as 10 Mantras for startup business success. There are certain common factors which I think everyone who intend to start or aspiring become an entrepreneur should consider it as a checklist.

  1. Identify a pain point in society: Each demography has its own problem if you can find it; you have a readymade market. Phanindra Sama and his friends found bus ticket booking is difficult task and unorganized. They created redbus and created a grand modern day success story in 6 years.
  2. Don’t afraid to approach mentors: You tend to be sentimental and feel your idea to be the best, but it’s not true get it validated from some experienced entrepreneurs and leaders. They are open and they will give you their insights and probably put you on right track.
  3. You cannot thrive with limited money: In today’s fast paced world you should monetize fast or else someone will follow. Invest your money but create a business plan and approach angels or VCs. Be after them and keep on updating, believe me they want to invest. But business plan should be impeccable with passionate pitch.
  4. Scale up fast: In the replicative world be sure more would follow you. With first mover advantage have pace to surge ahead.
  5. Enhance and create your own market: Be analytical and track your competition but don’t be afraid, keep on innovating new delivery models and create your own niche.
  6. Create a good team: It is impossible to succeed without dedicated team around you. Even on your board have few knowledgeable experts and don’t afraid to share company with them. Have transparent atmosphere and delegate work with proper accountability.
  7. Have small deadlines and celebrate achievements: Always have a small target and on achievement give credit to the team and celebrate with them. This will create sense of belongingness and enhance bonding. People want to enjoy the work and desire appreciation rather than just money.
  8. Keep on adding: An entrepreneur cannot become complacent, add new products or services and break barriers by innovating.
  9. Always open for suggestions and criticism: It is believed that true entrepreneurs excel when they learn to take criticism positively and give it a thought. Similarly they respect all good suggestions and possess and treat it as a good advice.
  10. Be humble: All established entrepreneurs are humble and believe that they have some responsibility to give it back to the world.

There are many such characteristics which make an entrepreneur a role model and major stakeholder in economic development of any country.

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8 Career Options in Audio Engineering


There are many new offbeat career options which resulted out of technological advances and human affinity towards excellence, this post shares with you 8 Career Options in Audio Engineering. Over the years, sound engineering has become more superior owing to new technologies. It has also become easier to learn as the necessary equipment has become simpler to use, allowing more people with an interest in sound and engineering a chance to dabble in music, television and radio.

With the advent of the age of digital technology, not all musicians approach large recording studios to cut a record. Since modern sound equipment offers almost everyone with an ear for music an opportunity to engage in music production at a cheaper cost, more artists are taking to smaller studios than ever before.

Modern recording studios owe their existence to the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison. It was this device that made possible the recording of sound and playback. As the years passed, Emile Berliner discovered how to make the grooves found in old records and how to mass produce albums. Next came wax discs which could also record music although Lee de Forest's triode paved the way for electronically recording music.

All these inventions required qualified individuals to operate them. In modern times, the branches of audio engineering have also expanded to accommodate the various technologies that have led to gaming, PA systems and television.

Sound engineer

A sound engineer is one who manipulates and tweaks various sounds and music to get a pleasing record. The term ‘sound engineer' is also more of an umbrella term under which various types of sound engineering can be studied and mastered.

Studio engineer

A studio engineer is a person who works at a studio. He may work alongside a professional music producer or may work independently. Studio engineers need to know all the technical aspects of sound and music so that all the different components come together to form a listenable whole. The musician's vocal capabilities or instrument playing is tweaked to sound the best so that during playback, listeners can get to hear each component clearly.

Mixing engineer

A mixing engineer is one who combines two or more different components to form one sound. Remixed music albums are examples of what mixing engineers do as they attempt to find and attach various accompanying sounds to an existing one.

Game audio engineer

A game audio engineer is tasked with providing sound effects and music for PC and video games. The sounds make the games more realistic and draw players into the scenario.

Recording engineer

Recording engineers are those who manipulate various sounds for television, music and radio. The speed of the sound is also adjusted so that it plays back to sound natural. Ambient sounds are also tweaked so that they match vocal sounds and music, if any.

System engineer

Public address systems are looked after by system engineers who ensure that only necessary sounds are broadcast and ambient sounds that aren't needed are cut off. They can be found in amphitheaters, sports stadiums, concert venues and other public areas.

Audio post engineer

An audio post engineer is tasked with lending realistic sounds to movies and television shows. Scenes with dramatic occurrences or action-packed events are usually accompanied with certain sounds and this is where an audio post engineer's skill can be witnessed.

Live sound engineer

A live sound engineer is one who ensures that sound equipment is set up and running well during a live event. Concerts and plays employ live sound engineers to make certain that dialogue, music and other sounds carry over to the audience.

Think differently beyond the realms of conventional careers and let your passion take over, you will enjoy your life and career.

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Stay Fit with Zumba – Shake Shake and Shrink


The most important thing in a Zumba class is the sizzling music which makes you to get up and start dancing in a minute. A basic Zumba class usually lasts for an hour and usually based on Latin rhythms but each instructor is different and may well have a different blend of Zumba music. Nowadays there are lots of instructors who add lots of hip hop in to their Zumba class as plenty of students like this type of music for their Zumba class. Zumba fitness programs are getting more popular with every passing day throughout the world and Zumba classes are being offered in plenty of gyms, health clubs and community centers all over the world.

Zumba a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez during the 1990s, is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a “fitness-party” that is downright addictive.

He then went to US together with his new music and began teaching in Miami. With increasing success, he together with Alberto Aghion and Alberto Perlman trademarked the name Zumba and began the company Zumba Fitness LLC. The company is now located in Hollywood, Florida and administers all such classes worldwide.

Zumba is a brand new type of music. The dance styles reflected in a classic track include Flamenco, Mambo, Salsa and plenty of others. The music incorporates slow and fast rhythms and resistance working out in every class so that the body burns overweight and builds muscle while the student enjoys the dance.

There are different kinds of Zumba classes that are being offered throughout the world. The conventional class is where the essential dances are emphasized. There is a specially designed class that is called "Gold" for adults and de-conditioned people that accommodate their requirements. There's toning classes to improve muscle tone and build strength. Aqua is another version of Zumba to aqua fitness programs and at last I would love to mention about a recently introduced class, the Zumbatomic that is specially made for children.

Zumba music is a brand new type of fitness dance music and has become very popular because of the manner fitness objectives are met doing enjoyable dancing exercise. Its music is not difficult to change to because it is based on existing dance styles. The different kinds of obtainable classes provide you lots of options to choose from depending on what you are looking for from these exercises and what your objectives are.

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How to Test Website Using Google Optimizer


Testing is important for any promotion campaign to be successful. Testing can provide insightful information to improvise your promotional efforts and thus elevating your conversion rates and ROI. Custom-made programs can be created through DotNetNuke development for testing and maintaining the world wide web-site. Google optimizer is a tool that helps in testing of various elements of a web-site or webpage to be most effective.


In context of the webpage content and online commercials, the testing is completed through following ways:

Split Testing

A split check would basically check promotional elements against each other to know which a better performer is. For example, identical copies of an commercial is sent to different sites or landing pages to examine which web-site yields better click through and conversion rate. In some other cases, different commercial copies can be sent to single landing page to examine which commercial is more effective.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing tests over a single element at a time. Such tests require more of statistical and sophisticated analysis tools to find the general effectiveness. Google optimizer is a free tool from Google for multivariate testing.

Google Optimizer

It lets users check several content combinations on a landing page or web-site with a clear aim of elevating online conversion rates. It is an simple solution for lots of individuals who might not have an access to DotNetNUke development companies to build custom testing program for them. The check results through such web-site analyzers can significantly help to improvise your web-site accordingly for better conversion rate.

How to Check Through Google Optimizer

To check a landing page through Google optimizer, it must have an actionable prompt to select its conversion rate. For a transactional web-site campaign, purchasing an item can be the action and for a lead generation web-site campaign registration of electronic mail address can be the action prompt to measure conversion. You may use different variations of the contents and experiment with optimization to measure the results.

Once the testing has been performed on the actionable landing page, you can check the conversion page which is usually an acknowledgement of the action or transaction. A conversion page is usually a page with “Thank you for registering/ordering with us” message. Ideally, somebody who lands on a conversion page is a confirmed converted traffic to be counted by the analyzer tool.

Testing Elements

With Google optimizer, you can check as much as 8 net site elements simultaneously. Here are the most significant net site elements that must be tested for optimum results:

  • Titles or headlines
  • Call to action prompt buttons
  • Product or other images
  • Assurances
  • Forms

Before you start testing the net site elements, you would require to some JavaScript tags to be inserted in to the HTML coding of the page. The optimizer automatically generates these codes for you. So, even technically not-so-sound people can also use it basically.

Study the Results

Due under the microscope executed, the net site optimizer program would document actionable knowledge based on tested elements. The best performing variants are clearly projected. It is important to permit the check run for full length to attain statistically valid results.

In online world, even smallest details can fetch great results. If all this is still a hard job for you, it is convenient to hire the services of professional optimizers to do it for your benefit on a reasonable cost.

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6 Tips for Nice Web Designing

BlogMag tips for better web designing

You are seldom born with web development skills, you need to practice & learn. In case you require creating some nice web applications, you need to follow some tips that are very much necessary for your success. 6 Tips for Nice Web Designing will give you few practical tips to master the art of web designing, whether you are a fresher or an experienced developer, these are the things that would help you with web-site development. 

Work on your fundamentals

The basics of Web-site Development need to be mastered if desires to become a professional in the field. To start with, you need to work on HTML & CSS. Receive a complete knowledge about them before you start coding for your web-site. Choosing a nice text editor is very important. Get hold of all the free tools that are obtainable online, which would aid in the development method. Try to become comfortable with using Photoshop as this would be needed a lot in your work.

Manage the code properly

No matter, how complex the design of the net site is, you need to keep the code as simple as feasible. Make it sure that you use comments at appropriate places in your code. Comments are very much necessary when it comes to debugging & modifying the code. Before you start working on the code, try to make a rough design of your web-site on a paper. Include all the functions & classes that you would be necessary to make. After you are done with the rough layout, then start doing the actual coding.

Use Firebug

This is a tool which is often underestimated by web-site developers, but it is a ideal choice to detect the small design issues that occur while your project is in testing state.

Watch for your links

Managing links are of the most important jobs in web-site development. Be sure that you don't use links that redirect to some other sites. Keep a track of all the links that you have embedded in your code.

Keep it Secure

Security is the most important issue that needs to be handled in web-site development. Before you make your web-site live, you need to secure your code from the hackers. Make sure that you use proper security tools to check if your web-site has proper security handling or not. Keep a backup of your project in a timely manner, so that you won't lose your work in case server or technique crash happens.

Use online Resources Effectively

Join some forums where you can talk to people in the same field & take help from them. Get hold of some nice sites that provide tutorials for web development. You would be necessary to do lots of research & put in some nice efforts for development of a powerful web-site.

Making complete use of online resources like – using the freely obtainable development tools, sites that help you to code & forums where you can discuss your problems; this is all you need to become a nice developer.

There's one main thing that is needed for a nice web-site – Strong coding, High Rankings on search engine & nice web-site traffic. Coding is the base. The better your code is the better your web-site.

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