Are days over for internet explorer

The browser, code-named Spartan, is set to be shown off on January 21st when Microsoft demonstrates its new Windows 10 operating system, according to people close to the company. But it might not be ready for release when the early version of the software launches the same month this pose a question, Are days over for internet explorer.

It will be available for both desktop and mobile versions of the operating system, according to ZDNet.

Microsoft is feeling the heat from the market and its list of failed products is increasing day by day. In last few years they have not understood the market dynamics and customer needs.

To list big flops from Microsoft:

  • Microsoft’s Zune was made to rival the iPod. Unfortunately, the Zune could never keep up with the iPod in terms of sales and popularity.
  • Windows Me was supposed to be Microsoft’s next big operating system after the hugely popular Windows 98. Windows Me was only available for just over a year, the software was heavily criticized for being buggy and unstable.
  • It’s crazy that Microsoft invest two years and nearly $1 billion on a quasi-smartphone platform that Verizon stopped selling after two months. The Kin was supposed to be a revolution for younger cell phone users but was met with poor sales and a crappy interface that didn’t even let you post a photo to Twitter.
  • Windows Vista was the follow up to Windows XP. Vista received huge criticism and negative reviews because of issues with privacy, security, performance, and the product activation process.
  • MSN messenger never really took off, messenger felt like bloatware instead of . The service was used more internationally than stateside.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is known as one of the worst versions of the web browser. IE6 was widely criticized for security issues and lack of support for modern web standards. The browser has made many appearances in “worst tech products of all time” lists, with PC World labeling IE 6 the “least secure software on the planet”.
  • Windows Mobile is the predecessor to Windows Phone. Windows Mobile was criticized for lacking innovation, using a subpar browser, and it didn’t support capacitive touchscreens.

They have failed miserably over last few years when other new players launched and consolidated products in Microsoft’s domain. Microsoft is instrumental in decline of email platform like Hotmail, once a market leader and trendsetter. Now with Nokia, they had an opportunity to rebrand themselves in mobile arena but overall lack of initiative and innovation is killing Nokia, as well.

Are days over for internet explorerThe new browser will be the default one in future versions of the operating system, Windows 10 will ship with a new and backwards-compatible version of Internet Explorer, IE 12, too.

Back in September, just before the first Windows 10 Technical Preview, there were some rumblings that the future version of Internet Explorer (i.e. IE12) might support extensions, and that it would have a reworked interface. Now, ZDNet and Neowin are reporting — from fairly reliable sources — that there may actually be two different browsers that ship with Windows 10: Internet Explorer 12, and this new Spartan browser. Neither of these browsers (if they exist) have yet made an appearance in the public Technical Preview, but presumably they would have to emerge quite soon if they want to debut with the final build of Windows 10.

According to the various reports, Spartan (which is just a code-name right now) is a new web browser, but it uses the same Trident rendering engine and Chakra JavaScript engine as Internet Explorer. The rest of the browser would be different, though: It would have a different UI — something like Firefox or Chrome, with the tabs on top — and allow for extensions. Extensions (add-ons in Firefox parlance) could be very interesting, though we should wait and see what Microsoft’s implementation is before we get too excited. Microsoft would have to create a completely new front-end to allow for powerful, Firefox-like extensions — which would take a lot of work.

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  1. KSB says:

    If IE 12 like ie 10 or lesser version it would be disaster…. I like IE 11 more than IE 10….. Better Microsoft buy any third party browsers and make them default in Windows OS’s.


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