career counsellors

The popular saying “well begun, is half done” is applicable to our life which also operates in a similar fashion. It is believed that if a work begins on a lovely note, then it is meant to culminate in success. This saying can be applicable for 10th class students, who must pick their respective streams. As the decision of choosing the stream can have repercussions in later professional life, it is essential to pick the stream wisely. As students are young to take an appropriate decision regarding their careers, it necessitates the presence of career counsellors who can provide the much necessary guidance & mentorship regarding career related issues.

It’s been observed that students are enamoured by the glamour quotient’ of positive fields. Students might require to pursue a career in the film industry because they harbour an illusion of matching the status of their favourite film star even in the event that they don’t possess the calibre necessary to succeed in that career. They also showcase a tendency to follow random “advices” of their peers & relatives. Sometimes, the decision relating to their career is influenced by their parents. Although there is no denying of the fact that parents can guide their kids on the basis of their past experiences but sometimes parents can be unintentionally involved in undermining their kid’s careers. Some parents force their kids to pursue a positive stream on the assumption that the same stream will open promising avenues in the future. Taking a choice purely on the basis of outside influences without rendering due attention to individual interests & persona can lead to unsettling consequences in the future professional life when students will finally recognize that the chosen career is unfavourable for them. Such a realization will consequently entail development of frustration & stress in their life.

career counsellors

As the life of 10th class students is marked by confusion & indeterminacy, they are in need of guidance from specialist career counsellors who can effectively engineer student’s career path by focusing on essential areas:

Career counsellors conduct assessment tests to assess the potential, interest areas& persona traits of every student. On the basis of such an evaluation, they can identify the career that suits a specific student. They can also induce students to select their streams irrespective of any peer or parental pressure by projecting a realistic outlook of different careers.

With the technological advancement in the contemporary world, a plethora of career opportunities has emerged in different domains .Career counsellors can provide knowledge regarding various job opportunities as well as the eligibility & qualifications necessary for the same. After providing knowledge regarding various career opportunities, counsellors can recommend students to narrow down their options & work towards fulfilling them.

career counsellors

Persona development ought to be given primary importance at the level of 10th class students. Counsellors ought to make students recognize the importance of upholding ethical values & significance of maintaining an optimistic attitude even amidst the most challenging phases of the life. Counsellors can also reiterate the importance of time & stress management, which is instrumental in gaining an additional edge in the competitive world.

Thus Career counsellors can play a monumental role in shaping the life of students of Indian students. Career guidance in India can provide an insight in to the potential of Indian students as well as in to the career world that awaits them. They can persuade the scholars to select their career after evaluating their interest areas, potential & aptitude. They can also highlight important aspects like career schooling & persona development pertaining to students. All in all, by undertaking the role of a mentor, career counsellors can effectively chart the career path of 10th class students.

There are few organizations in India who are engaged in counselling 10th class students. EQ4C is one such company which does both online as well as contact career counselling.

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