• Musk’s mini sub “not practical” for Thai cave boys rescue – TechCrunch
  • N26 updates its web app – TechCrunch
  • Grab co-founder says Southeast Asia still has plenty of competition despite Uber’s exit – TechCrunch
  • Trump’s Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality, supports NSA bulk collection – TechCrunch
  • Facebook was never ephemeral, and now its Stories won’t have to be – TechCrunch
  • Retail startup Bulletin is giving brands new tools to manage their in-store presence – TechCrunch
  • Instacart hires its first Chief Communications Officer, Dani Dudeck – TechCrunch
  • Apple releases new iPad, FaceID ads – TechCrunch
  • Index Ventures closes 2 funds, $1B for growth rounds and $650M for early-stage investing – TechCrunch
  • Univision reportedly mulling sale of Fusion Media Group – TechCrunch

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