REMADE Simplifies Individual and Organizational Change

REMADE Simplifies Individual and Organizational Change

In highly competitive environment it is imperative for every organization to bring change at all levels. Even at individual level, change is inevitable and one has to be flexible to accept these changes. But, we are human beings, always resist the change.

We resist change but when supported, we are best at adapting these changes. After so many years in corporate training and consultancy, we have observed that organizations impose their change decisions and individuals, not taken into confidence, retaliate or resist change.

With years of studying and research on individual and organizational response to change, we at EQ4C have developed a model which makes this process simple.

REMADE: EQ4C Change Management Tool

All individual or organizational change means change in human behaviour and requires deep introspection and ease of implementation. Contextual considerations and resistance to change has to be given due importance while considering any change.

REMADE is the most powerful tool for organizations to strategically implement any change and bring that willingness to change from within.

REMADE is a practical model which is relevant to both individual and/or organizational change management. It is a well-tested tool which gives desired results and empowers the organizational leadership to successfully implement small or sweeping changes.

What is REMADE?

Reasons to Change – Require a positive approach to convince self and people on the positive outcomes of change and making them understand the reasons to change. This is the first step to change and need a well deliberated plan for successful implementation of any change management process.

Environment for Change – Change is difficult and require an environment which can facilitate this process. “Old habits die hard” so, prevent self or people to look back and compare the two scenarios. This step is very important and often overlooked, one has to come out of that routine and start visualizing the future scenarios.

Motivation for Change – Change is a process and keeping self or people motivated all the time is must. High motivation will ensure total preparation which will, in turn, ensure maximum performance and results. Motivation could be small celebrations, incentives, promotions, appreciation.

Authority to see through the change – To successfully navigate through the change process you need to acquire knowledge and skills. Training/coaching is the best way to acquire both and requires consistent efforts to achieve desired expertise. Knowledge is theory and skills are actionable so, both are important and vital in change process.

Duration for Change – Don’t expect change to happen overnight, it requires time and you need to have that patience. In planning stage itself the timeline should be decided with proper micro-management by dividing it into steps. Time is vital parameter in change process and requires strategic approach.

Evaluate the Degree of Change – Constant evaluation is required to check the progress of the change process. A simple process of evaluation should be developed to assess and revisit the entire change process to make amendments, if required. This stage is the final stage and will decide the success and failure of the entire change process.

REMADE is a complete framework and a great tool for individuals, leaders and change management professionals. It is highly effective in any organizational setup. As a change leader if you are planning to bring change at organizational levels, REMADE model will help you to successfully implement it. Change Management is a skill and in fast changing world, it is one the most important must have skill.

R Reasons to Change
E Environment for Change
M Motivation for Change
A Authority to see through the change
D Duration for Change
E Evaluate the Degree of Change
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  1. Ishwarlal Ramtani

    Nicely presented issues and solutions relating to ‘Change Management Techniques’. My compliments.

    • Thanks Ishwarlalji. This is indeed, a very powerful tool for both individuals and organizations.


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