Double your Sales Use 6-I Marketing Funnel

Few days back, I was invited to an inauguration of a restaurant, the ceremony followed by lavish reception and they served sumptuous, tasty food to each attendee. The whole idea was to allure the prospective customers, make them taste the food so, that they can come back, recommend to others and write reviews on whattsapp etc.

Double your Sales Use 6-I Marketing Funnel

It is a brilliant way to ensure that you not only eat and feel the ambiance, but it’s also a way to bring you back to more from the menu on another day.

This is the most compelling style of creating a marketing funnel that builds relationship over time. Today marketing dynamics have changed with time and businesses needs to concentrate on both online and offline marketing.

What is basically a Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is a magnificent marketing tool that helps you understand the buyer journey, or the route a prospect takes as they become familiar with your product or services & company, from introduction to conversion, and may be beyond.

If you have seen the funnel it is wider at the top because, as you promote, entrants will be more and the final buyers will be much less. A prospect may descend into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases or they exit the funnel when they lose interest.

Dr. Ravindra Aher, PhD in Sales & Marketing, built few well-known companies from scratch, an acclaimed educationist, trainer, coach and mentor, is instrumental in developing the most powerful marketing matrix, easy to implement, great analytical tool – EQ4C 6-I Marketing Funnel.  While interacting with him on new parameters in sales & marketing, he unfolds the pages of this highly effective tool.

Double your Sales Use 6-I Marketing Funnel

Let’s understand 6-I:


The taste you are giving your potential clients is at the top of the funnel, the widest part. The taste is your freebie/complimentary/gift offering and is your first opportunity to engage your prospect. But no matter how cool a product or service — potential clients who find it confusing won’t be able to grasp how much it can help them, and they’ll simply move on. A poor first impression is a common barrier to entry that can be avoided with the help of rich and compelling visual explanation and/or instruction.

Dr. Aher says “we recommend creating a product introduction video/presentation/brochures/ mailers that explains what the product/service is, what it does, and how it makes your customers’ lives better — all in a clear, engaging way. In the case of services — especially for those offering free trials — supplementary training tutorials and/or demos are key to user retention”.


Once you introduce and share your insights, thoughts with prospects, curiosity will lead them to research more. You need to hit here with interesting information and firming up this newly developed interest. This is often one of the most overlooked steps in building an online or offline business. The problem is our potential buyers are not as interested in mundane features and specs – they want to know what’s in it for them. That’s why you need to highlight the benefits of each feature.

According to Dr. Aher “A prospect needs to see your heart behind the product or service before they will feel confident enough to risk handing over their money to you. In order to build a relationship with people you need to be able to contact them again, which means you make them interested in your product or service”.

If they leave, it’s unlikely that they will come back, so don’t lose the opportunity to welcome them into your community, your funnel. They landed at your website or outlet because they were looking for something, usually a solution to a problem they are having, right? Give them a taste of the solution you offer. And remember to make it easy for them: make everything so obvious that they’d have to trip over it not to notice it.

If you are successful in creating interest, they will move further down the funnel without you having to “sell” them on anything.


Once the interest is developed, the prospective buyer will share this with others in order to justify their interest. In this phase, as a seller, you must provide testimonials and references of satisfied customers. If are a new business and do not have much to tell, you must gain an understanding about how prospective buyers find, evaluate and choose the product or service that will address their priorities and objectives. Who are their key influencers and who amongst them can support you in convincing the prospective buyer.


Post involvement the prospective buyer will show his intent by way of negotiations in offline business or will ask for a best quote or a proposal. In online business he will add it to the cart and wait to confirm. This is the final nail, decide whether to hit with full force once or slow intermittent blows.

Dr. Ravindra Aher considers this as the most important phase where you can close the deal in your favour. He says “to satisfies his ego, offer some nominal discount or addon service or bonus, if any and seal the deal”.


Finally the prospects will inspect all the options to buy. They are now at the other end of the funnel, narrow end. Your work does not end here, keep them motivated and tell stories and make them visualize the post buying scenario. The money has started rolling from their pocket to yours, be on your toes and satisfy every query, you may find few here.

If you ask Dr. Aher he will say “Be aggressive but be diplomatic and shoot the last minute query, the deal is yours”.


Congratulate yourself and celebrate the success of the deal. He is INVESTING and buying your product. The sale transaction is complete. Be in touch and periodically ask for the feedback and get their testimonials. Don’t just relax, customer relationship management has begun. Keep all your promises and attend the customer well with quality service, updates and upgrades. Customer should fall in love with the product or service but, more than that he should love & trust your company for future purchase.

To conclusion Dr. Ravindra Aher viewed that “Whether you are selling online or offline, product or service of any type the fundamentals of EQ4C 6-I Marketing Funnel will remain constant. The marketing process has to be organized on 6-I levels and evaluation of each sales process should be based on it”.

Every creation new or old, needs to be sold thus, marketing is the real backbone of any organization and should be given due respect to sustain and grow in highly competitive online or offline marketplace.

EQ4C provides sales and marketing consultancy & training to transform your business to thrive in most competitive scenario. It empowers and energizes the sales & marketing teams to think creatively with clear logic. If you are looking to outsource, contact Dr. Ravindra Aher at

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