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8 Career Options in Audio Engineering


There are many new offbeat career options which resulted out of technological advances and human affinity towards excellence, this post shares with you 8 Career Options in Audio Engineering. Over the years, sound engineering has become more superior owing to new technologies. It has also become easier to learn as the necessary equipment has become simpler to use, allowing more people with an interest in sound and engineering a chance to dabble in music, television and radio.

With the advent of the age of digital technology, not all musicians approach large recording studios to cut a record. Since modern sound equipment offers almost everyone with an ear for music an opportunity to engage in music production at a cheaper cost, more artists are taking to smaller studios than ever before.

Modern recording studios owe their existence to the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison. It was this device that made possible the recording of sound and playback. As the years passed, Emile Berliner discovered how to make the grooves found in old records and how to mass produce albums. Next came wax discs which could also record music although Lee de Forest’s triode paved the way for electronically recording music.

All these inventions required qualified individuals to operate them. In modern times, the branches of audio engineering have also expanded to accommodate the various technologies that have led to gaming, PA systems and television.

Sound engineer

A sound engineer is one who manipulates and tweaks various sounds and music to get a pleasing record. The term ‘sound engineer’ is also more of an umbrella term under which various types of sound engineering can be studied and mastered.

Studio engineer

A studio engineer is a person who works at a studio. He may work alongside a professional music producer or may work independently. Studio engineers need to know all the technical aspects of sound and music so that all the different components come together to form a listenable whole. The musician’s vocal capabilities or instrument playing is tweaked to sound the best so that during playback, listeners can get to hear each component clearly.

Mixing engineer

A mixing engineer is one who combines two or more different components to form one sound. Remixed music albums are examples of what mixing engineers do as they attempt to find and attach various accompanying sounds to an existing one.

Game audio engineer

A game audio engineer is tasked with providing sound effects and music for PC and video games. The sounds make the games more realistic and draw players into the scenario.

Recording engineer

Recording engineers are those who manipulate various sounds for television, music and radio. The speed of the sound is also adjusted so that it plays back to sound natural. Ambient sounds are also tweaked so that they match vocal sounds and music, if any.

System engineer

Public address systems are looked after by system engineers who ensure that only necessary sounds are broadcast and ambient sounds that aren’t needed are cut off. They can be found in amphitheaters, sports stadiums, concert venues and other public areas.

Audio post engineer

An audio post engineer is tasked with lending realistic sounds to movies and television shows. Scenes with dramatic occurrences or action-packed events are usually accompanied with certain sounds and this is where an audio post engineer’s skill can be witnessed.

Live sound engineer

A live sound engineer is one who ensures that sound equipment is set up and running well during a live event. Concerts and plays employ live sound engineers to make certain that dialogue, music and other sounds carry over to the audience.

Think differently beyond the realms of conventional careers and let your passion take over, you will enjoy your life and career.

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