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Respect Dreams of Engineering Students

I agree with the industry, when they say that 80% of all engineering graduates are unemployable. Government does appoint agencies and fund them to do these surveys but, are they really bothered to find the solution for this pressing problem?

Big question!! I believe they do not communicate with right stakeholders. I would like to share this as a story to give few answers to this problem. Read and enjoy the real story which made me say “Respect Dreams of Engineering Students

Girl A – Out of Nowhere

On one Friday evening I got a call from girl A and she was asking me to conduct a soft skills session at an engineering college 70 kms from Nagpur on Saturday, which was the next day. She asked me if I am free on Saturday and I told her that even though I am free, this is too short a time to understand the need and create a program of one full day. She than gave me a reference of a mutual friend and requested, rather pleaded to do this program. Naturally, I inquired about her company and she gave me the name. Surprisingly, it was a known company and got few awards also, that’s what their website says. On her request I agreed to do the program at peanut fees.

Girl B – Smart MBA with no Practical Experience, just heavy foreign accent

Before ending the conversation, she took my consent and informed that another girl will call me in next 15 minutes to brief me about the program. The call from girl B came and she started with some kind of questions about me and my training expertise. It was irritating that without bothering to read my profile, which is easily available online, she was asking absurd questions. I ignored and answered all the questions calmly. She concluded saying that she will brief the company person about our conversation and they will call me. All this was happening at 8.30 pm on Friday and the next day I was supposed to take this session.

Finally a Man, who knew nothing

At 9 pm I got a call from a person who introduced himself as Assistant manager-Delivery Operations. He gave me the information about the venue, time etc. He sent me a mail and wanted me to follow certain things as standard operating procedures. I called back on seeing the mail to know about few missing things, he didn’t pick up and sent me a SMS stating “Plz text me can’t take calls now.” Helpless, I sent sms back that “gone through the mail, its ok”. He shot back “awesome”.

That was the last conversation and next day I was to travel 70 kms (by my own car, since there was no mention of any transportation) to take a session on “Soft Skills?” for final year engineering students.

The D-Day

Saturday I started at 7 am to reach the venue at 8.30. When I reached there the local college TPO asked me about the branch I am supposed to address. I called up the original contact at the company, he directed me to girl C. According to her, I was to take the session of final year electrical engineering students and need to take one online aptitude test of the students. The college was not informed by the company and there was a huge communication gap.

It is really painful to see these so called training companies playing with the future of the students to earn small fortune. This company got an award of best start up and been funded by few reputed investors. It was so pathetic that all four trainers who were taking parallel sessions were asked to fill-in at the last moment. One young trainer came 120 kms (one-way) on his bike. This was sheer exploitation of trainers and students both. Surprisingly college was least bothered and their arrangement was also very casual.


When the session started I interacted with the students in their own language. Made them to relax and did some probing on their basic issues. I came to know that majority of them were from rural areas and had dreams to achieve big. But, given the scenario can they?

Very difficult to answers!!

I gave my heart & soul to give the best

I did one of my best sessions on communication giving them simple, yet powerful tips on verbal, non-verbal communication, reading, writing and listening. They immediately connected and we could able to create a mutual bond between us.

Whatever happened and the way I landed there was not there on my mind, that time. I was more interested in solving their problems and trying to understand their aspirations and dreams. I was keen to create that roadmap which can enable & empower them to get meaningful jobs.

I was so surprised by the tolerance shown by the college towards this company and casual approach of the company to spot and send trainers at the very last moment.

I have conducted 1000s of quality training programs and such attitude disturbs me.

The distant training companies

The metro based companies allure college management with the glamour quotient and take training contacts. Nor they are aware of the student psyche neither they have the trainer base. They hire poor young guys as trainers and pay them paltry sum and make huge profits. From what I make out, some big multinational company is also involved and supporting through CSR funds. This company is also not very keen on the methodology and planning of the programs.

We do wonders with our company

We at EQ4C are dedicated for the development of students to make them more employable. We are also training school teachers to empower them with modern day teaching practices. Having trained more than 2000 teachers this summer, I think we are far better organized than these companies.

We firmly believe in quality training and give more value for the money spent. We care for the outcome rather than just going through the motions of doing some program and click photos for website and news coverage. We are not the fastest growing company by today’s standard, but stratified with kind of output we give.

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To conclude, a thought to introspect

I completed the program with same zeal and enthusiasm to give my optimum and students really enjoyed the daylong session. Ultimately, job was done but the question is who was benefited more?

Today, campus recruitment training is very important for the students and the serious approach is needed from college management in conducting such priority programs. There are students who have paying capacity and can explore better programs but, majority of them are unable to pay for CRT programs and hence, the role of CSR spending is vital.

Let’s not play with the future of students and Respect Dreams of Engineering Students. Commit to create a path for their ambitions.

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Sachin Iyer

I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - [email protected]

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