Creative Ideas to Write Compelling Blog Post

The secret of amazing blogging ideas is hidden in three words: Leave it simple!

I always like to keep it simple instead of complicatedly designed blogs because a crowded and confusing blog is a big turn off, time consuming and people want everything to be quick and simple. So to engage them you need to have – Creative Ideas to Write Compelling Blog Post

The design and style of a blog is of critical value for many people.

Some people prefer to change the appearance of the blog at a regular interval and some go for just one permanent style. The problem with copying the blogging ideas from other people is that you don’t really get satisfied. The styles designed by other bloggers are usually the reflection of their personalities and points of view. There are no set rules but, periodically you can change the template to give fresh look.

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Colour Combination is Critical

Another mistake is to avoid the wrong combination and selection of colours. People who keep their blog too colourful or have wrong combination of colours usually get rejected by readers even before the content is uploaded. This makes the reader to close the window and go for another site. White backgrounds are best accepted and create better readability. I keep on trying different combinations and take readers feedback on colour combinations.

Remain Real and Crawl Everywhere

One big thing in blogging is Remain real!

I have been told by experienced bloggers to crawl everywhere to keep yourself visible and remain original. Chances are, readers may get easily annoyed by copied blog styles. Remember do not copy the idea because, it will give a guilt feeling. Reason being that design created used by people does not completely represent them and their personality. So, copying designs of successful bloggers will yield nothing.

The best way to decide on a design is to take a minute and ponder over what impression you really like to leave on readers. Create a design which matches with your personality and also fulfils your needs. For example: if your site is about pictures that are related to dark side of the life, go for a theme which is dark and dull. Having lively and sparkling theme is very unflattering if the photos represent sinisterly dark images. This will project you as an immature blogger who is not certain of what he wants to do.

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I have listed few ideas below which will further guide you while writing your blog posts:

Write a post about what happened with you at work or home

It has been seen in general, readers are not interested in your daily life, but it is being noticed that if you mention some nice things about someone or complain about something, people actually read it with interest and often would comment to share their thoughts!!

But be careful when writing about some person or organization. Do not use the actual names as you can get sued for propaganda.

“One of my favourite blogger, ABCD has a readership of 100,000 people who like to read her blogs regularly, because she talks about fashion & lifestyle in her posts. She is the Paris Hilton of India.”

Write about 5 problems that you face at your work.

It is hard is it to compile 5 problems that you are currently facing at work?

Not difficult right?

So write about the problems that you are encountering so people can relate their problems to it. And to make it more reliable, include what you think can be the solution to that problem. People will always have something to share.

You can review the blogs of other people

When you start writing blog and run out of ideas of what to write a post about, start reviewing blog posts of other bloggers.

You don’t necessarily have to criticize; you can post about things like:

  • The things that learned from their blogs.
  • What are the key things that attract you about their blog?
  • The pattern & choice of topics those bloggers write about

Read online articles to rewrite them creatively

Not everyone is original and taking ideas from other bloggers is not a sin. So, read the blogs about the topics you like and choose best the top ones. I love doing this because not only does it help me grow and learn but it helps me to always have something to write about! I just visit an article directory and do a search with keywords about the topics that interest me.

Writing consistently is important and one may find dearth of ideas, at times. Follow good blogs and bloggers and rewrite their blogs.

Beware, do not copy paste the same article.

Post your experiences

For me, writing about my personal experiences is most consequential and always get most comments from readers because they have all been at the point or have been through same experience. It is not very difficult task, all you need to do is to show some creativity in your writing and to write something that is interesting for the users to read, and it will then automatically increase the readers of your blogs.

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Look for Trending Topics

Google trends, facebook trending, yahoo etc will give you ready-made topics that are popular. It could be a news item or some gossip, people like to explore. If you want to be popular, early in your blogging career, write on trending topics to bring loads of traffic to your site. But, it has short shelf life and usually read for a day or two. To write one or two blogs every now and then, on trending topics, is good idea.

Writing about famous people

A year back I had written a post on Steve Jobs and people really went after it. You can read that post: Steve Jobs – Creativity, Imagination & Innovation

If you can establish synergy between your creative writing and achievements of famous personality, you may hit the reader’s nerve.

There are lot of ideas on blogging and you can use them to create a blogger in you. Blogging is wonderful experience for me and it is the avenue to communicate with like-minded people.

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