Taking Big Leap to Attract 100000 Visitors per Day on My Blog Posts

It was a pleasant morning and I got up early, not knowing what do, I started my laptop. People say internet, entertains you in boredom. I love to read good blogs, so as usual, I searched for new posts and I stumbled upon this wonderful post by Keith Koons on iWriter. He is an amazing guy and I got hooked up to this tutorial on professional writing and I decided of Taking Big Leap to Attract 100000 Visitors per Day on My Blog Posts

Taking Big Leap to Attract 100,000 Visitors per Day on My Blog PostsI am writing on internet since, last 2-3 years but, never thought of professional writing and earn money. I must say this post inspired me and I read the entire post – It’s a long post. I realized one thing, I can write and write better but, too complex and theoretical.

Oh!! Another thing I am an Indian and do not know anything, American. So, the question is can I write something from India and make real global audience?

Yes!! I can.


If you ask me now, frankly, I do not know. Yet, I am optimistic to build a blogging platform with 100,000 visitors daily.

Gosh!! 100,000 visitors per day, yes my friends. I am a big fan of Neil Patel and following him since, long and when he says writing consistently is “freaking hard”, I believe him.

Taking Big Leap to Attract 100,000 Visitors per Day on My Blog Posts

But whatever!! I have decided to make 100,000 visitors to visit my site daily. SEO, Keywords etc. are great tools to influence Google, to make me & my site popular. But, I will bat for content and friends; I do have some serious content which I will share through my posts.

I am just common, as you!!

There are millions of people like me who want to write blogs and get noticed and as one amongst you, you will read my posts. I am not one of the famous blogger or personality on internet who earn millions through online engagements. So, if you search me, Sachin Iyer, on Google you will hardly get anything. That’s the fact, so if you are with me let’s begin the journey of “Rags to Riches”

Option to join me

If you are like me and want to do something worthwhile on internet, than just wondering how people earn millions on internet, be with me on this journey. May be, you will also find a way to online success.

So, are you working hard and slaving over your blog posts, only to find six readers?

If so, you need to change what you are writing and that’s what I will do, henceforth.

Make it Epigrammatic

Forget some of what you learned in English composition class: We were taught to write grammatically right in scholarly tone. But believe me, in times when people are scanning content online, it will not have that pull factor. WOW!! Factor. It does not sound real. No real feeling, no distinctiveness. Be clear & concise about everything, even with the complex topics also. Reduce jargons and flowery language to showcase your English language mastery.

Small Paragraphs are better

I use to write pages without paragraphs but, that is big no..no when it comes to writing blogs. Use small paragraphs, as a matter of fact, one liner are also effective. It is ideal to have a paragraph with just 3-4 lines. On net it better to have lot of white spaces, everything grey is a big turn off. Even SEO experts & software’s advice you to keep it below 300 words, the less the better.

Sub Headers are important

Sub headers are mini headlines and work wonders when written well. They are blogs in a blog and readers are glued because of the punch you put in these subheads. Many established bloggers advise to write headers & sub headers than to write the rest of the post. When you are on road trip you find lot of signposts telling you that you are on right track to destination. Similarly, sub heads are those signposts, readers love to navigate through.

Have bulleted lists to attract attention

Bulleted list grab attention of your audience and at the same give them a small welcome break from continuous reading. It helps to identify the important content fast.

Numbered lists has the magic

Numbers always fascinate people and if you use it in your posts, it captures the attention and keep readers oriented. Today listicles are doing great rounds in blogging, since it tells you the number of things or tricks you will learn from a post.

Check out Formatting

Once you have written the post, check formatting and create highlighters by making it bold. This will immediately grab the attention of the audience. How you put it is also very important and good aesthetics will attract people to read. Readable font size and font types will help readers.

Helpful Links shows you did the research

Without doubt you could be master on the topic but, you have to include other experts to establish your point of view and for that you have to add external links. I am following Seth Godin since ages now and consider him to be the boss of all. So, when I am writing something on blogging and I quote Seth, people will come to know that I also read a lot and follow someone.

Hiya!! Wait boss, it already 800+ words and again if you follow the rules of blogging you should keep it in between 500 to 800 words.

I have decided to attract 100,000 visitors a day and break all the conventional methods of blogging and create a style of my own. Let’s stay connected and comeback to read next post on what topics can attract people to garner the support of 100,000 visitors per day.

“Wonderment is that eternal joy you feel after doing something you enjoy” – By guess who?

Folks!! It’s me and that feeling comes when you really write something and enjoy doing it again and again. Have that feeling of wonderment in writing, you will enjoy every bit of it.

Bye, till we meet again,

Sachin Iyer

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