How to Renew AMC of Life on Birthday

He asked “do you know anything about Annual Maintenance Contracts”

I said “Yes I know, we give it for many products and services, every year”

He shot back “What about your own AMC, do you know how to renew AMC of life on birthday?”

I thought this guy is crazy and started to say goodbye and move on, he waved and asked me to stop. As a self-perceived philosopher he went on about the topic.

According to this friend of mine BIRTHDAY is the day to renew ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT of life. Crude way to put it but it’s true, I thought. You can use it as a springboard for taking stock of your life and making sure that you’re on the right path.

I was so inspired by this little speech of his, I decided to make 26th September, my birthday, something different. Often in life you plan lot of things and get confused on the day how to start.

It’s my birthday! Now what?

Ever felt like that? You always want your birthday to be special and meaningful, but many a times it can be a bit of a let-down. You had expectations of what other people would do for you, and those expectations didn’t always come to pass. Most of the time it is true that birthdays come with very high expectations and it’s easily forgotten what really matters.

I always feel the years just flew by like I’ve been running on a treadmill going nowhere fast and I just really need to slow down and figure out what I want to focus on and get in order.

So, I changed something

On Personal Front

God!! Thank You – Start the d-day with gratitude

I once again thank God for the blessing of another year, to do better! As I strive to be a better version of me, a man after God’s own heart, a professional that improves skills with age, a friend that loves deeper than the year before, a friend that listens better and is more available.

Make Sure you’re Healthy

Make sure you are healthy and raring to go for another year of your life. Give time to yourself and start the day by making a decision to get your health check done. For petty complains we call complaint centers and often ignore about our health. Please don’t do that because there nothing important in life than your own health.

Check Your Weight and Your Measurements

This doesn’t sound like fun, but making a birthday meaningful isn’t just about having a pile of fun. It’s also a reminder that life is fleeting, and we want to be able to enjoy it and serve with purpose for as long as we can.

Make it a point to check your weight and measurements (waistline, hip measurement, in particular) this birthday, just so you get a sense of where things are going.

It is perfectly fine if you are getting a little bit bigger. That’s part of aging. But you may have to introspect if you are growing by 10 Kgs a year.

What is your theme for the next one year?

It is important to have a theme or a word on which you want to base next one year. If you ask me, I decided to have one word “Passion”. I think, I plan lot of things but I tend to leave many things in between or lack that motivation to complete the things. I’ve felt lately that I need more passion in my life: passion for God, passion for nature, passion for the work, passion for my friends, family and society. I’ve been living my life lately too much by rote, pushing myself to do what needs to get done, and I’ve forgotten how to be passionate about it.

Purpose based year will give you that motivation to achieve something big in life. This year, I have decided a specific purpose “Reaching Globally with”. It is our site for online assessment & counselling to help students to decide on which course/stream/career to choose.

So, Passion & Purpose will help me in achieving success in this dream project of Team EQ4C.

Am I too serious about it?

OK, there has to be lot of fun in life. What we do, at times we take it too seriously and miss out the real spice in our lives. We need to have lot fun and celebrations also.

On Fun Side

Plan your Day Well

Birthday is the day you should pamper yourself and plan this day well and take out sometime time for yourself and enjoy with the people you like.

Go Out

Break your routine and go out on a long drive or enjoy with the company of family and friends. A good visit to spa will also rejuvenate you. Look out what you enjoy most and plan to do it.

Do not diet

Let your birthday be the one day a year when you’re allowed to partake in ONE thing that you’ve been saying no to.

Celebrate with your Birthday Mates

On that day few others may also have their birthday. Find out and enjoy with them. I share my birthday with Dr. Manmohan Singh, former India Prime Minister. I cannot celebrate with him but, I always remember his good work and admire him.

Have a Big Party

Don’t expect people to arrange a party. You arrange and call each one of them. It will really make you fresh to look at the year ahead.

Buy yourself a gift

Again do not expect, buy yourself a good gift. May be something you are planning to buy from long time.

On your Unique Side

Give to Charity:

Do you have more clothes, shoes, or other possessions than you need, or even want? Your birthday might be the right time to make you feel good about helping others who have much less than you have, and whose lives can be made a bit better and easier with your un-used items.

Volunteer at a charity:

Is there a children’s home that you know? Or any charity or any cause close to your heart? Your birthday might be the right time to visit them and give them some of your time.

Give Blood:

Giving blood is helping the person in need. Give blood it will save precious life of other person.

Resolve to Donate Eyes:

Donating eyes can give pleasure of vision to someone who cannot see. So, birthday is the right time to make this resolve.

In nutshell: How to Renew AMC of Life on Birthday

Birthday is the most auspicious day for you, which marks your entry in this beautiful world. So, enjoy the day have lot of fun but, at the same look after yourself well and show some empathy towards the society. Make each birthday more meaningful and add lot of blessings.  Keep on renewing your annual maintenance contract of life……

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