6 tips to better employabilityWhile talking to employers around the world one will realize that despite highly qualified workforce, customers are not satisfied and often search for more compatibility. The reasons could be attributed to our ignorance towards soft skills and casual approach towards creating a framework to impart organized training to empower today’s workforce with the magic of these skills. Read “6 Tips to Better Employability” to understand the importance of certain imposing skills to be successful in career.

There are millions of people with advanced qualification in tech and management domains yet organizations struggle to find right candidates for their organizations. Believe it or not today the focus of entire education system is to enable students to just pass the exam rather than acquiring in depth subject knowledge. Thus, not only soft skills but also domain knowledge remains a serious issue.

Companies find it relatively easy to train its workforce on company specific domain skills but to inculcate soft and life skills, they struggle. Through this post, I would like to share outcome of discussions with top employers and particularly what prime skills they look while recruiting.


Employers consider Humility and integrity as important ingredient to sustain and grow. Today nobody can ignore team work and the success of great companies are due to team excellence. Humility helps to work with the team and company to achieve mutual goal. At the same time it keeps people grounded and avoids conflicts. Integrity makes one loyal to the cause of the company and feeling of self achievement on every small success of the organization.

Client Centric:

Today, in customer centric business conditions and cut throat competition, satisfying a customer is very difficult. Each employee must strive hard to impress customer and that is possible with good inter personal skills.

6 tips to better employability

Leadership Qualities:

The success of an organization lies in the ability to inspire and invoke followership to the organization’s vision. When leadership is encouraged beyond titles and hierarchy, the organization leverages the power of each person rather than a single role. The expectation from candidates is to demonstrate the same rather than hide behind hierarchy.

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Never-give up attitude:

Top hiring professional say that they look for people who can think out of the box and encourage constant innovation. Intrapreneur and entrepreneurial mindset to create something big and always fight over competition. In short such people look beyond the challenges and employers love them.

Fast Learner:

Learning is never ending process and the one who adapt to learning has more chances to succeed at the highest level. In changing world keeping abreast with advancement is essential so it the futuristic view point to anticipate, inculcate and implement early.


Analytical mindset makes one commercial and organizations need people to think of profits and revenues. An eye for detail transform person into a professional and professional are in demand today.

In academic life one must take effort to simultaneously learn and master the required skills to match the corporate expectancy else, you will be out of the league and unemployable. Once you finish your academics and start approaching companies for employment, it is difficult to learn soft skills.

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