Call for Modern Day Teachers

In the modern world the stock of knowledge is far greater and the pace of growth is very quick thus, the Indian society is experiencing social, cultural and economic change. In this context the Teacher’s academic and social responsibilities have taken a new dimension and made the task of the teacher quiet difficult and challenging. The main responsibility of shaping the behaviour of students is in the hands of teacher.

Need for Quality Teacher Education

We require a curriculum that is related to the development of Teacher proficiency and competence that would enable and empower the teacher to meet the professional requirements of the profession and face the challenges there in. Teacher Education encompasses teaching skills, sound pedagogical theory and professional skills. Teaching skills would include providing training and practice in the different techniques, approaches and strategies that would help the teachers to plan and impart instruction, provide appropriate reinforcement and effective assessment. It includes effective classroom management skills, and use of instructional materials and communication skills.

Call for Modern Day Teachers

Need for Soft Skills Training for Teachers:

Training in 21st Century Skills being acclaimed and accepted as a very new, fascinating and promising programme of education because the skills are not matching with modern day demand. Without skilled teachers the educational institutions with hundred classrooms, laboratories and well equipped libraries remain unimpressive. From a place of transformation of information, the educational institution in the future will make itself a place of producing intellectual work, generating habits of systematic, methodical thinking, readiness for self-examination and self-criticism, making clear the way for the development of a free moral personality. It is the need of the hour that the teachers should undertake skills mapping and inculcate the shortfalls to empower themselves for transforming the next generation. Few of the work skills and established areas of self-empowerment are shared here:

Call for Modern Day Teachers


Education is basically a man making process and it implies practicing and ensuring transformation of the humans at various levels of socialization, enculturation, awareness and divine realization. This process of transformation gets stimulated with the help and support of a teacher. In this context it is advisable that each teacher to look within for values and look beyond for perspectives.

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