E-zine Advertising, An Affordable Alternative To Google

You would like your website to be at the top of the search engines result page, that way, you can get some free targeted traffic, and save money on advertising. However, this has been more difficult than you would like it to be.

Google's pay per click advertising is an excellent alternative, except, It can be costing, depending on your keywords.

There is however, an even better, and affordable option: E-zine Advertising, that is, advertising in on-line magazines.

Let us do a comparison: suppose you ran an ad in an e-zine with a readership of 20,000 and that ad cost you $ 30.00.and only 5% of the readers click on your ad which is 1000 clicks (I am assuming you have written A compelling ad. If not, no form of advertising will help!) In terms of cost per click it would amount to 0.03 cents per click.

Now, compare that to a pay per click ad in Google or yahoo, where you would have to bid the highest for the keywords that will trigger your ad to display before the searcher / potential customer. Lets say you bid on a keyword like "exercise equipment." To get a realistic display you would have to bid at least 10 cents or more per click. If 1000 people clicked on your ad like they did in the e-zine ad. You would pay $ 100.00 or more for a pay per click ad in Google or yahoo.

Which would you rather pay $ 30.00 for a e-zine ad or $ 100.00 or more for a pay per click ad, for the same amount of clicks?

Another thing to consider is this, when you disable your Google ad, the flow of traffic from that source stops. But, when it comes to e-zine ads, many e-zine publishers archive their past issues. If someone request an issue from a few weeks ago, and your ad is in that issue, that will be additional exposure for your website without you paying extra money for it. This is not being done with PPC advertising. Couple this with the use of an auto responder and you will save even more money in the long run.

To make it quick and easy for webmasters to find on-line magazines to advertise in, "The Directory of Ezines" has a database of e-zines with a wide range of topics, so they can find the right one to advertise in for their Particular product or service. If you had to gather this information on your own, it would take you a very long time.

With stiff competition in SEO and PPC advertising. It's good to know that e-zine advertising provides an affordable, targeted and effective alternative for website owners, and affiliate marketers to reach more customers and earn more money.

Source by Paul Ranger

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