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How To Use Adsense Cleverly On Your Blog

Placing AdSense on your blog is easy. A simple copy and paste action and

you’ve setup your website to make money. However, you need to know when to place

AdSense ads and where to place them and how to place them. This is what divides

the successful AdSense website builders from the not-so-successful AdSense

website builders. You need to use AdSense cleverly on your website.

Here are my findings you can use which has worked well for me to increase your

AdSense income.

There has been a lot of discussion of people throwing-up when they see AdSense

on a blog. They see the blog as a vehicle to earn income from AdSense and the

blog itself has no value. After seeing some awful blogs.

What you need to do is place AdSense on your blog which blends with your

website. Take away those borders and change the colors. Make it look as though

it is part of your website. This will lessen the preconceived notion others have

with AdSense blogs.

Next, you need to post regularly to your blog. I have to admit that regularly

means daily. I have tests that show missing a day or two with blogging,

generally affects the traffic to your blog. So get some postings ready for times

when you are busy.

With good daily updated content on your blog, people will not mind that your

blog has AdSense on them. You have to understand that people are looking for

information. If you give them what they want, they will return and click on some

AdSense ads which are of interest to them in time.

Daily blogging with good content will make people forget your blog is built for

AdSense income. They will appreciate that you are making money since you are

spending so much time offering them content.

I find that using horizontal AdSense ads are very effective. These are called

leaderboards which span across the website. I normally place these at the top of

the website so that my regular readers will see them first thing when they


I also find that ad links are very effective. These are AdSense ads that only

show the category of ads and have no description. They look like menu bars.

People need to click on the ad link, see a list of related AdSense and click on

them again before you are paid.

Though it requires 2 clicks to generate AdSense income for you, I find that this

sort of ad is very effective. The good thing is Google does not count ad links

towards the number of AdSense ads you can have on your website (which is 3 by

the way).

Next, if you’re writing a post on your blog, make sure that you place AdSense

right after you mention an interesting point. It could be the revealing of a

finding or some breaking news with your niche.

The reason is that people are drawn to your content at that moment and seeing

related AdSense ads beside it will help the click through rate.

For your last AdSense ad, I would suggest placing it on the left hand side of

your blog. Preferably you will have a sign up box for a newsletter or

mini-course there, and place your AdSense under it

We humans read from left to right and from top to bottom. The top left portion

of your blog is viewed the most when they visit your blog. Make use of this


Use these suggestions to place your ads and increase the AdSense clicks. They

have worked for me. I suggest you test out a lot of these and see for yourself.

There are many membership sites that sell AdSense templates that has good

website content.step by step training and webhosting which you can start to use

immediately for your AdSense business. Many of these are optimized with AdSense

already so it will save you a lot of work. Learn how the templaes are structured

and take action on your own blogs or websites.

Source by Tasha Wanne

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Sachin Iyer

I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - [email protected]

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