My Canvas, My Tattoos..whats the Big Deal?

My Canvas, My Tattoos..whats the Big Deal?

Ever since I was young, I saw people with tattoos and thought that My Canvas, My Tattoos..whats the Big Deal? You are permanently drawing on your skin. As I grew older, I noticed more and more people with “tats.” In the society we live in, it’s considered cool to get a tattoo. Just look at all the actors, rappers, and sport players who have tattoos. I also was curious about the number of tattoos people have. Then I noticed that once you get one, you would
probably get another.

Why tattoos are so popular in today’s society? Most people who have tattoos will say that they got it for a specific time or person in their lives that they will never forget. Others say that they feel more adventurous and don’t really have a specific reason for getting their tattoo. For some people, tattoos make them feel different from other people. Some people say it is an art. In an NBC News article a young man said, “Your body’s an empty canvas, so you almost want to continue to add to it.” I personally do not like tattoos and I don’t understand them. I understand the tattoos that represent a special someone or depicts a specific time in one’s life more than the ones that are there to show rebellious. Fads and styles come and go. I am not sure if tattoos will ever die down, but if they do, some people may regret getting tattoos.

More and more people are getting set to ink themselves as the current generation defies the rules set by the community. This generation has guts to change the rules and they have capabilities to convince the conservatives or ability to dump them.

I feel there nothing wrong in self inking provided one is comfortable and live with it for entire life. After all style statements change with time and new may be completely different. In a world where people are talking about innovations, tattoos with breathtaking designs and color combination allure people towards you.

We are now living in a much more liberated world and each individual knows his/her responsibility towards own body. There is and will be lot of opposition from parents and community but slowly world will consider it as routine.

My grandpa’s friend and his wife have tattoos (they have same roses on arms) from youth time and they are normal, nobody care about their tattoo, we love them and they are true lady and gentleman and old aristocrats with style…

You can always cover your tattoo on job. That’s not a problem. I know many people that are intellectuals with tattoo. Today vintage style is popular and it can be combined with tattoos and that looks very classy. Pin up style etc. Class is in your soul, in your gestures and in your brains. REMEMBER THAT!

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