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Inspirational Entrepreneurs:

Started his own company when he was 11-years old, meet Thomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez, used to spend lot of time at his computer. But he was not just playing games or chatting with friends, he was developing iPhone apps. Suarez downloaded the iOS Developer ToolKit and simulation tool onto his computer and started developing iPhone apps. He himself learned Python, Java and C. In few months he had created his first app, Earth Fortune and convinced his parents to part $99 to get his app into Apple App Store.

He eventually started his own company, CarrotCorp. His company has now four four apps for iOS, two are free and two are costing 99 cents each. His most popular being “Bustin Jieber”, a game to whack famous pop star Justin Bieber to make him scream in background of Benny Hill theme song.

His latest offering is, 3d technology driven patent pending, 3D printer which is fastest, reliable and most advanced. When he is not at school he is exploring 3D printing technology or coding profusely for new app and even exploring Google goggle which he wears all the time, when not in school.

He gets support from his parents, but he has learnt all by himself, whether coding of business. He reviews product and technology for Tribeca Film Festival and already became an accomplished speaker.

Thomas has already secured a great future for himself and will inspire young generation to create something which you will cherish for life. Team BlogMag captured his story to set an example for all those who aspire to become entrepreneurs one day.

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Elder PharmaceuticalsHe always called himself as an accidental entrepreneur but was a strategist to the core. Started his career as an office in Indian Air force but eventually landed in Indian Pharmaceutical Sector and became a legendary first generation entrepreneur, he is none other than Mr. Jagdish Kantisarup Saxena.

Mr. Jagdish Saxena, who passed away on October 10, 2013 after a prolonged illness at the age of 74, is remembered mostly as a first-generation entrepreneur who founded Elder Pharmaceuticals.

Once termed as biggest move in pharma history, he left Delhi based company Walter Bushnell, with 300 employees, which was laying off employees and shutting its factories. The sensational beginning of Elder Pharmaceuticals soon became a big pharmaceutical story. Despite several hurdles and setbacks he carved one the best company, due to his impeccable leadership qualities and sound strategic understanding.

He was accredited to the introduction of new dimension in oral calcium supplement after the successful launch of Shelcal in 1988. All previously used calcium supplements like Calcium Sandoz, Osto-Calcium and Ossopan from big giants faced the blunt. Shelcal registered revenue of 6 crore in first year of its operation and never looked back since then. Steadily Elder Pharmaceutical, under him, established its mark in women’s healthcare and pain management. He created lot of new therapeutic areas and never hesitated to try futuristic concepts. One of his dear products Denol, a colloidal Bismuth Subcitrate for treating peptic ulcer introduced Indian Pharmaceutical sector with the concept of Helicobactor Pylori. His other introduction Carnitor containing levo Carnitine for cardio myopathy and muscular dystrophy is now used as essential nutritional supplement. Both these products failed, but that never made him stop bringing revolutionary concepts to India.

Whatever will be the faith of Elder’s formulations business in India, Mr. Jagdish Saxena will be remembered as a great visionary leader who not only transformed formulations business in India but also the lives so many people, when he walked out of Walter Bushnell.

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Rehan yar Khan

RehanRehan took an early leap to entrepreneurship and started a floral seed import business with the opening up of the Indian economy in the early 90s. Then, in the late 90s to early 00s, for around 5 years, he ran a highly profitable enterprise telecom service leveraging the arbitrage between inbound/outbound call rates from India. Following the telecom business he started in 2004, a service for sending flowers and gifts internationally from the US. In 2008, He came full circle as an entrepreneur and started investing in early stage companies in India.

Flora2000 is rare venture to come out of India as it serves consumers in 190 countries; offering them floral gifting with high standards of design, quality and service. With 3000 products and services, Flora2000 is a leader in international floral gift delivery.

Starting with Druva in 2008, he led over 17 startup investments in India. Building a quantitative culture, a strong team, innovative strategy and a strong focus on quality are the key values, he strives to add to his investments. Many of these have gone on to receive further capital from Venture Capital firms.

With a vision to foster the innovation ecosystem in India, he helped found the Mumbai chapter of Indian Angel Network (IAN); and he is an active member of IAN's board. IAN compromises of over 200 of India's leading business leaders and they actively invest in startups.

Flora2000 has transformed shopping online for beautiful floral arrangements into a fine and effortless art. From exquisite bouquets to gift baskets to flowering planters, you are sure to find the perfect expression of your message in their online floral boutique. When you send flowers online from them, rest assured that your special someone will receive the freshest and loveliest flowers – no matter how far away they may be. So use their international flower delivery service to send flowers to your loved ones.

Angel investing
Be a startup company or beyond, everyone aspire to bring investment to achieve the desired growth or to accomplish a dream, while venturing into entrepreneurship. Angel Investors are keen to invest in return for a piece of action. They will put a value to your idea or a company and invest accordingly. You may have to partake 10-50% of the company with them but they will bring lot of intellectual capital on board, as well. They are also interested in exit policies even before you start enjoying your run as a startup entrepreneur.

You have to do lot of research and study terminologies like valuation, term sheet, equity sharing etc before you decide on acquiring investment from Angels. A sound business plan and powerful pitch will definitely take you near to the investor but fine tuning and constant validation by mentors, may get you funded.

So if you decide to go for it… persistent and do your homework first.

Business Plan

Creating a business plan will help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals. A clear and compelling business plan provides you with a guide for building a successful enterprise focused on achieving your financial goals. It is also a document that can persuade others, including banks, to invest in what you're creating and running.

While there are many types of businesses out there, the basic categories of information and questions that need to be covered by a business plan are fairly standard and widely applicable. You can learn how to conduct research, structure your business appropriately, and write up a draft.

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