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How To Blog For Money – 5 Tips To Making Money With Your Blog

My guess is that people who come online asking how to blog for money really are reliably green to the blogging community. Let alone have mush experience about the online marketing arena.

No matter you are in the right place and I will reveal to you the 5 quick ways that will benefit you if you are a beginner or an intermediate blogger . Prepare to take notes and set a schedule to put these tips into action.

  • Monetizing From Google Adsense. One of the most preferred methods to monetize on all blogs is using Google Adsense. You see those text or colorful banners on some blogs? That is it. Basically, you just register for a free account in to get started.
  • Putting Up A Donations Button. By that I mean you do not just beg for money or some pitiful penny by asking for it on your blog. It is an honorable thing. Your loyal readers who appreciate your contents will gladly buy you "beer money" out of respect.
  • Selling Text Link Ads. In order to be able to cash in on text link ads, you will have to morph you blog into a virtual "authority" on Google and that means people will pay you a fixed amount via this company to gain some text links. Its like selling some outgoing text links.
  • Promoting Affiliate Programs. Perhaps this method is already known to you but let me say that you must only promote programs in accordance with your content. Learning how to blog for money is the easiest with this method as you will learn how to market as well.
  • Selling Your Own eBooks Or Reports. While most bloggers actually give out free content on their blog you can use some of your posts that always revolves around about your product. This is useful if you are planning to create a simple 25 page report to sell at say, $ 10 per digital copy.
  • At the very least, anyone can gain enough knowledge on how to blog for money in less than a weekend. However, you will begin to increase your income if you also learn how to market products online by investing in some genuine blogging guides.

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    Sachin Iyer

    I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - [email protected]

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