3 Characteristics That Describe a Confident Person

Even though a person’s self confidence and the way he sees himself is greatly affected by the experiences he has faced over the course of his lifetime, it might be safe to say that that’s not the end-all, be-all of it. As a matter of fact, it could be truly frustrating, even to ourselves, to suppose or think that we’re not directly accountable for the things we do or how we act towards particular situations.

Possessing a healthy amount of confidence could is probably one of those things that people believe as a mystery, most especially among those who seem to be having troubles in knowing what their worth or purpose is in life. But the truth is that anyone can actually work on this. Much like any other crucial component in our lives, we all have ways at our disposal to work on our confidence levels and become better people.

But when you say self-confidence, how can you say that someone is indeed confident? Below are three traits which describe an individual oozing with self-confidence.

1. Self Belief – Those folks who have confidence in themselves believe that they can in fact do well in whatever undertaking they take part in and make good with what they have set out to do. They have a clear idea of their own pursuits and know which steps to take in order to achieve those goals. This enables them to rise to the occasion and deal with whatever situations they get themselves into.

2. Assertiveness – individuals who are truly confident in who they are possess assertiveness and are in fact capable of standing up for their beliefs and principles. Despite the possibility of them having opinions which may be considered unpopular among their peers (in other words, they negate the norm), it’s with their confidence that they have the courage to stand up for the things they have faith in, and they still manage to acquire the respect of other people around. However, remember that assertiveness should never result to being aggressive, or making use of bullying techniques. Assertiveness is only about simply stating and sticking to your principles without being easily won over by the opinions of others.

3. Optimism – Those folks who have high amounts of self confidence would always look at the bright side of things. They won’t simply be discouraged by bad situations. Optimistic people always feel that things continually have a way of working out. Once they’ve made particular mistakes, they can always move on from that and do things differently. Being optimistic enables individuals to get through bad situations with a smile and continue with their lives.

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