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Cooling Off A Hot Temper

A hot temper has gotten many people into serious trouble and some of the incidents have had irreversible consequences, which has caused great regrets. It is too late to say they are so sorry that they would have to live with what they have done. Sometime they can not forgive themselves nor can those they have hurt forgive them, therefore, they could live out their lives with a broken spirit and it is because they could not control their temper.

How do we cool off a hot temper? There are several things that we can do to cool off our temper. As long as I can remember I have always heard to take a deep breath and count to ten when we see that we are getting angry, doing that gives us an opportunity to think before we act. The problem that people can get in is reacting before they think and that is very dangerous because most of the time things will get out of control when action is done before thinking.

Another thing that we can do is to remove ourselves from the situation that is causing our temper to rise. Walking away by no means means that we are a coward, on the contrary, it means that we are using wisdom. Confrontation is not the solution especially when tempers are rising, it will only make matters worse so take the high road and walk away.

Another way to cool off a hot temper is to think about something funny. It made you laugh once it can do it again. When we are angry the last thing that we want to think about is something funny because we want to think about the situation that have made us angry but if we would focus our mind on something amusing most likely the thing that has caused us to get angry will not seem as significant.

Giving a soft answer dismantles strife in others and it will do the same in us. Yes, we might want to scream and yell but if we can remember to speak softly, an end will come to the argument a lot sooner.

We can pray for peace inside of us and turning our emotions over to the Lord will definitely help us. He is able to give us comfort and peace and most likely, we will see that it was foolishness that got us angry in the first place.

The bible said be you angry but do not sin. Therefore, we can get angry for correctness sake but we should not get angry because of folly. It can cause pain for us and others and its result can last a lifetime.

Another thing that we can do if we see ourselves getting angry is to get silent. A person will not appeal for very long if there is no response to them so keeping silent is a good way to calm others and ourselves around us.

If we have a hot temper that is something that we have learned so it will take practice to unlearn it but it will be well worth the effort if we did.

Cooling off our temper can prevent destruction from coming to us because it will put us in control and being in control always prevails.

By Lizzie Ducking

Source by Lizzie Ducking

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Dr. Ravindra Aher

Dr. Ravindra Aher is management theatrics stimulator and skills evangelist with rich corporate & academic experience of 25 years, having worked with multinational companies and academic institutions of repute. Always keen to share his knowledge and he is passionate about bridging the prevailing skill gap in students & corporate through structured value added programs. He is an avid blogger and twitter enthusiast. He previews books and promote good reading culture in young generation.

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