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Beat Adwords By Targeting The Right Prospects

Are you profiting from your AdWords campaign? If not here is a huge mistake that a lot of marketers are making – not targeting their prospects properly. You will find the most lucrative markets are those in which people are desperate to solve a problem. That being said you will need to target the right keywords for those desperate prospects.

Sometimes the problems are small and sometimes they are big. The bigger the problem the more desperate the prospect and the more likely you can use this to your advantage.

If you were advertising an ebook about parenting these keywords wouldn’t get you many sales:




raising kids

Why wouldn’t these keywords produce many sales? They are very general and somewhat vague. Somebody searching at Google on a keyword like parenting isn’t looking to solve a big problem.

You could take the same campaign and target the right audience and dramatically increase sales. Here are some keywords that those desperate prospects would be searching with:

diaper rash

breast feeding

colic baby

Targeting the desperate prospects will make it a lot easier to produce a strong ROI. There are thousands of markets out there that will work with this strategy. Think about the health and wellness market. There are thousands of health problems people have, each one is a different market. This strategy isn’t limited to health problems or parenting there are many other big problems that people are desperate to solve.

When you are choosing your keywords, keep the “desperate prospect” in mind. Using this technique correctly can produce some amazing results.

Source by Robert Walter

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