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Why Are not You Happier – What's Missing From Your Happiness Picture?

Why are not you happier? What could possibly be missing from your life?

You have a terrific family who you absolutely adore. Raising your kids gives you great pleasure. OR maybe you work outside your home doing a job that you totally love, a job that positively affects lives.

When you look around your home you find you have everything you ever wanted – nice comfortable house, great car, your health. All the little luxuries fill your life and you know you can buy anything else you desire – including vacations to get away from your wonderful home.

From outside your life looks like a dream life. You appear to be completely happy. Ah, but appearances mask reality.

For you something is missing. You can not put your finger on it. You just know there is a boredom factor in your world – when you find time to yourself you notice that uneasiness.

You may even sense a gaping hole in your being. You have no clue how to fill it so you keep yourself busy so as not to notice it. You definitely do not want to bring attention to what makes you feel bad because, as you probably already discovered, what you focus on expands in your life.

Okay, if you do not focus on that indefinable feeling how do you eliminate it so you can finally feel complete? Take an inventory of your life.

Sit down with pen and paper (do not use your computer. Make sure to include mental well being, physical health, spirituality, money matters, fun and recreation, relationships (with yourself and with others).

Now take each area one by one. Determine your status in that part of your life. Write down all the good feeling events and memories that come to you. Take the time to write all the memories.

When you finish you will notice that some of the lists are longer than others. Go back and see if you can think of anything else to add to the lists with only a few events listed.

When you feel done rate each area as to how content you feel. Use a scale of 1-10 with 10 being totally fulfilled, could not be better to 1 being this is really missing for my life. Be brutally honest here. No one will see your list but you.

Take the areas where you rated less than 5. Write down what you think is missing from each that will bring the rating up to the next digit. So if you scored a 5 how will that area of ​​your life look when you are at a 6?

Hold on to that picture in your mind. Write it down. Find a picture of that situation for you. You do not need to figure out how you will get there. Just keep that picture in your heart and mind.

Sure, you want to jump right to the 10. You set yourself up for failure if you try to make such a big leap when you have not gotten close naturally.

By going up one digit at a time you make it all the way to 10. Little steps will get you where you want to go.

Your results may surprise you.

Source by Ali Bierman

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Sanjay Tatwawadi
Sanjay , allthough an engineer by profession has varied interests in sales, marketing, sports, science and spiritualism. He coaches and specialises in training the new generation for betterment in life. A Rotarian to the core, he has excelled in adding value added program for enrichment of society at large Having lead the team to different countries in vocational and cultural exchange programs. An avid cyclist and badminton player, he is passionate in writing and promoting good reading habits in youngsters.
Sanjay Tatwawadi

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