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What Are The Different Types of Internet Radio?

The future of music is on the internet. As time goes by, more and more websites will have a focus on music as the public becomes more aware about the different types of internet radio. Internet radio is so powerful because users have instant access to thousands upon thousands of radio stations from around the world in a matter of seconds. As technology advances, and cell phones essentially become computers, these music websites are going to be accessible anywhere, anytime.

Internet radio can come in various forms. Websites provide everything from internet only stations, to custom stations, to AM and FM streaming stations, to instant downloadable songs. Some of these sites provide 100% commercial free stations with no DJ’s and no music interruption whatsoever. Others provide links to live internet radio stations from around the world. Users can listen to everything from dance music in Italy, to Sports in New York, to rock music in Australia.

Many AM and FM radio stations are now streaming the sites on the web via streaming. This is truly live internet radio. This is a growing focus for many radio companies. Upon listening to the radio on a daily basis, listeners are constantly being reminded to listen live online to the stations internet stream.

Recent trends show that videos on the internet are becoming very popular. You Tube, College Humor and Yahoo Videos are just a few websites that have thousands upon thousands of videos. These sites are becoming more popular as computers advance and the videos are able to upload faster and pictures are clearer than ever.

The same can be said for internet radio. Although internet radio is already very popular, it is going to continue to grow in huge numbers. It will be interesting to see what types of sites will receive the most users. AM and FM radio certainly have a head start by being able promote their internet stream through the power of their own airwaves at no charge.

Regardless, there are plenty of options for internet radio.

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