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Wanted – A New Generation of Environmental Leaders

"Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution [to climate change.]"

Al Gore, Nobel Prize Winner and 45th Vice President of the United States

Do you want to be part of the solution to Climate Change? There has been a massive increase in media coverage and awareness of climate change over the last few years. What we now need is leadership that will turn our awareness and anxiety into the will to take action, and then follow through with long-term solutions. At every level, from communities and businesses to national governments and the United Nations, we need leaders more than at any time in our history. Environmental Leadership is the most important element in confronting the urgent challenge of Climate Change.

Why is Environmental Leadership so Important?

The Planet is in crisis. There is almost complete consensus among scientists that climate change is a major and dangerous threat to both humanity and the ecosystems of the planet. The greater need is not for more science or data to prove there is a problem, but for leadership to tackle this issue head on.

Convert knowledge into Action. We have the knowledge to tackle this crisis. There are already a wide range of available technologies, tax instruments and policies that could mitigate climate change and eventually reduce the threat. Strong leadership would greatly accelerate their implementation and effectiveness

We have the financial resources. The near trillion dollars spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan war would have gone a long way to tackling climate change. Indeed, the irony is that spending money on alternatives to fossil fuels would reduce dependence on oil from areas of high risk and conflict, which would in turn save money and reduce the risk of war. It is environmental leadership that will provide the vision, the will and the ingenuity to divert resources towards dealing with climate change.

Public Demand for Leadership. Public awareness and pressure for change has never been higher. Al Gore and the IPCC have just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Every survey shows strong popular support for action, including in the USA. People are looking to business to provide leadership. In 2007 the Cone Consumer Survey reported that 93% of Americans believe companies have a responsibility to help preserve the environment. Http://

We can not do it on our own. Unfortunately the scale and intracyclical of the required changes are beyond individuals to bring about on their own; Our behaviors are intricately embedded in complex socio-economic systems dependent on fossil fuels. Leadership is required in business to develop low-cost renewable energy; In government to provide the incentives and regulation to promote renewable energies and reduce carbon emissions; And across society to encourage new values ​​and behaviors which ensure we change our lifestyles and adopt renewables.

What is an Environmental Leader?

Environmental leaders are agents of change. They create urgency, develop an inspiring vision and mobilize people to take action towards achieving their environmental mission. They are imaginative and flexible, finding ways to align organic and environmental goals whatever type of activity they engage in.

Environmental Leaders are motivated by feelings of connection and love for the earth. They want more than just a payslip from their day's efforts. They know that to achieve their full potential, they need a cause that is greater than their own self-interest. They do well by doing good.

They know they are part of nature and that everyone's well-being extremely depends on the well-being of our ecosystems, which support life itself. Living sustainably means being compassionate to all species, and this includes humans. When people live sustainably, they are looking after current and future generations. They are acting as stewards, accountable to our children and grandchildren. This is authentic leadership.

How do I become an Environmental Leader?

You can start anywhere – at home, at college, in the office or in your community. The key is to take action. If you want to integrate your personal values ​​and your professional career then there are a number of exciting options for you in business, non-profits and the public

Bright Green has been created to identify and support environmental leaders. Everyone in our organization has determined that the best use of our time, energies, and skills is to recruit current and future environmental leaders for our clients on both sides of the Atlantic. We work with corporations, start-ups, NGOs, and government agencies with a strong commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility. We have also set up an office in California, and we are encouraging the brightest and best of our respective generations to dedicate their careers to promoting sustainability.

We want to help our candidates become leaders and we want to help our clients recruit leaders. We believe this is the best way of helping organizations improve society and our planet.

For more information about Bright Green, please visit us at

Source by Paul Hannam

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