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It's not uncommon for internet marketers to spend days or even weeks perfecting a website, following every tip, trick and method that the SEO "gurus" have littered the internet with. These same internet marketers will upload their site and sit back and wait for the trillions of hits that the gurus promised. It soon becomes painfully attractive that the only "traffic" to hit their site is the internet market itself and his friends checking to see if the site has actually loaded OK.

This is not an uncommon occurrence, and the whole point that many internet marketers miss, is that on-page SEO can be brilliant, but without the hard yards of off-page SEO, their website is doomed to a lonely and traffic free existence. One of the most effective methods of off-page SEO is link submission to link directories and article submission to article directories.

This in itself can create more problems for the budding internet marketer. Using automated software is a big no-no. Link directories and article directories frown upon this practice and consider it spamming, and will probably never let the link or article see the light of day.

Manually submitting links to the thousands of link directories and submitting articles to the hundreds of article directories can be a full time job in itself. There are services that offer paid manual submission, but the quality of these services is highly questionable at best, and very often result in no links or articles being approved.

Using a semi-automated method of link submission and article submission can be the answer for an internet marketer (especially if they are in control of more than one website).

The advantages of semi-automated article and link submit software, is that it speeds up the process very well without spamming the directories. A software package such as SubmitEaze gives you the following benefits;

Speed – You can use a software package to achieve in a few short hours what it could take you weeks (or months) to achieve manually. Semi-automated software packages like SubmitEaze also provide you with a comprehensive list of link directories and article directories to submit to (this in itself can save you weeks of research).

Quality Control – Using a software application that is loaded on your PC, means that you are in total control of the process and can manage the process in a manner that will ensure that you are not spamming the directories and only submitting your link to appropriate link directories and article directories.

Solid One Way Links – Using the semi automated software will ensure that you can achieve good quality one way links back to your website. The importance of these links is two fold. Firstly you get the SEO benefit of a link from a high page ranking site back to your site and secondly, traffic from your link.

Support – Companies like SubmitEaze, will continuously update their software with the latest link directories and article directories and even give you information like page rank, alexa rank, back links etc.

SubmitEaze will help the internet marketer achieve good traffic to their site and achieve in lifting their ranking in the major search engines.

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