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Time Management and Multi-Tasking

I just read another article that said multi-tasking is not possible and I just have to take an exception to that. It bothers me enough that I want to say it just is not true in some instances. First let's talk about the difference between men and women and can they or can they not multi-task.

Shall we say un-scientifically 94.3% of men can not multi-task? Have men gotten a bad rap saying they can not multi-task? Lily, one of my blog readers shared the following:

"I'd normally agree men can not multi-task but I actually saw them do it.

I'm a woman pilot and multi-tasking is essential when flying. As men can fly they must be able to multi-task. Perhaps they can multi-task when dealing with only ONE subject at a time. For example when flying it's common to be looking at a chart while making a course correction and a change of altitude all at the same time vs. trying to multi-task on several different subjects at one time ".

I found this very interesting and thought provoking. Most men I know stop doing what they are doing when I ask them a question and concentrate on only answering my question. I do not understand why they can not keep looking for the nut or bolt they are searching for and answer my question at the same time. Is it because they are just more polite than I am? I would keep searching while answering the question.

I do not know how many women can multi-task, but in my experience it is most. I think of all the mothers I know that can carry on a conversation while feeding an infant, keep an eye on a toddler, giving him / her instructions to put toys away and thinking what to have for dinner.

I am a multi-tasker. I can be working in the office and have a cake in the oven, or dinner in the crock pot-that counts does not it? I jog six days a week and I listen to a book on tape. It makes the time go faster and on days that are tough it is the story in the book that keeps me going. I am the type who does not have to read every word to get the story in the book. I have a daughter who must read every word.

There are some things that are not done well by multi-tasking. For me it is actively listening to someone on the phone and typing a report at the same time. On the other hand I can actually listen and do something brainless like sweep the floor. For some people it could be like the pilot said, multi-tasking on several different subjects at the same time or on only one subject at the same time.

Personality types make a difference and what someone expects from an experience. For instance I like to listen to TV and do quilting or rug hooking or some other craft. I can look up from time to time and get what I want from the show. When it comes to watching movies I have to do just that because of the little nuances in the story and the facial expressions and action.

In organizing for women I have noticed clutter tends to slow down the ability to multi-task because clutter is overwhelming. When clutter is gone from physical surroundings, the mind is clearer and freer to do more things.

I think the end result is this: anyone can multi-task depending on what they are doing and what activities they are combining, personality types and what the expected output is to be from the activities.

Source by Marilyn Bohn

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Dr. Ravindra Aher

Dr. Ravindra Aher is management theatrics stimulator and skills evangelist with rich corporate & academic experience of 25 years, having worked with multinational companies and academic institutions of repute. Always keen to share his knowledge and he is passionate about bridging the prevailing skill gap in students & corporate through structured value added programs. He is an avid blogger and twitter enthusiast. He previews books and promote good reading culture in young generation.

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