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The Day I Was Declined A Job Because I Was Passionate About It

The day I was dismissed a job for which I was very passionate was one day when my self-esteem plummeted to a new low. Do not let it happen to you. Different bosses look for different qualities, often based upon their own flaws and insecurities.

That boss was not ready for my answer when he asked why I would make the best salesperson in his team. I simply said that as a single mother of two young children in a nationwide recession, I was passionate about earning money for my children and passionate about giving them a good life, and so I was passionate about selling for the company and would not stop till I exceeded my targets.

I overlooked a few factors which are now screaming out their visibility to me. I look at them now smiling, my own boss for 15 years, as well as having done EFT tapping to let go of the trauma. So, what did I miss? Well, for starters, the only females in the whole company were the receptionist and the low-paid lady who typed up stuff for the salesmen. The most obvious factor was when the would-be boss asked me in the interview whether I was single and planned to have moe children. Of course, these days it is illegal to ask such a discriminatory question. However, I did answer that I was sterilized and had no desire to increase the burden on providing for my children and every desire to give them the best life I could, which is why I was at this interview.

The interview was for a salesperson. I could sell because I thought first and foremost of my children and their needs. I had not yet yet learned the technique where you find out what the buyer wants and then sell it to them. But that was an easy technique to learn, and that would-be boss could have taught it to me in half a day's training, just like the one after him did, where I became world famous for my sales. I was not number 1 but consistently number 2 or 3 salesperson in a large sales organization, so I guess I was pretty good. The only thing that stopped me for beating Mr Number 1 was conscience. We sold advertising that severely anyone got to see to very small businesses, and my conscience would not allow me to take from a business by deceit what the small business owner could not afford to lose.

It took about 6 sessions of self-EFT to get over that job rejection. I wish I had learned EFT before going to that interview. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, does just that, using a mixture of easy self-acupressure and releasing words. Then I would have gotten up and told the would-be boss that he was a sexist thing that could not be described as a pig, because pigs can be nice, and then walked away with my self-esteem intact. There was no way he would have employed me anyway, He only employed male salespeople.

As a result of the plummeting self-esteem thing, I ended up taking a job which paid considerably less. I now run my own business and only take on passionate people who can convince me why they are passionate about the work and my company. The rest is down to the job of being a boss, part of which is good training.

Source by Suzanne Zacharia

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Dr. Ravindra Aher

Dr. Ravindra Aher is management theatrics stimulator and skills evangelist with rich corporate & academic experience of 25 years, having worked with multinational companies and academic institutions of repute. Always keen to share his knowledge and he is passionate about bridging the prevailing skill gap in students & corporate through structured value added programs. He is an avid blogger and twitter enthusiast. He previews books and promote good reading culture in young generation.

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