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Smartphones Are Stopping Us From Living In The Moment

Regardless of whether I walk through a shopping area or go into a coffee shop, I see people who are glued to their Smartphones. One of the reasons why this stands out is because I usually leave mine at home.

If I didn’t do this, I would probably be too busy looking down to really notice what other people are doing. Through using one of these devices, I know how everything else can fade into the background.

Bad Manners

One of the things that can take place when someone uses their phone in a public area is that they can be oblivious to what is going on around them. At times, this can cause them to bump into others and to walk onto roads when they are not clear.

What is clear is that they are not going to be fully in the moment; a lot of their attention will be directed towards a screen. This might also be how they will behave when they are with their friends and family.


It then won’t matter if they are with a close friend of theirs, as they will treat them as though they have no importance to them. Their body will be with them, but their presence won’t be.

But, while the other person could feel ignored and as though they are not valued, they might also be somewhere else, too. Their mind, the part of them that has nothing to do in the present moment, is then going to be running the show.

Another Consequence

If someone is at a concert or a show, for instance, they could spend more time filming what is in front of them than actually watching it. They will then have paid money to see something live, but they won’t fully embrace what is in front of them.

There have even been times when people have been more concerned with filming the birth of their child than they have with being fully present to this experience. It is then as though seeing something on a screen is better than seeing it in person

A Big Focus

When Smartphones are advertised, one of the big selling points is in being able to film things. These companies can’t sell presence or give someone more years to live, for instance, but what they can do is give them something to distract their mind with.

This part of them that can’t embrace the present moment, but once a moment has passed; it wants to experience it all over again. Holding onto what can’t be held onto is what the mind tries to do, while missing out on the only thing there is – the present moment

The Age of Voyeurism

Due to modern day technology, it can be very easy to spend more time watching life than actually experiencing life. To live in this way is not fulfilling, however, it is something that the mind feels comfortable with.

Lastly, I think that if we actually value another person, one of the best things we can do is to be fully present in their company. It is easy to say nice things or to buy another person something, but this is not the same as fully showing up.

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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Sanjay Tatwawadi
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