Shortcode Ultimate Plugin for Joomla

Based on the WordPress plugin, Shortcode Ultimate for Joomla features over 90 ready to use shortcodes via a slick user interface in Editor. W3C Valid Code.

Shortcode Ultimate for Joomla has been developed with world’s best pratice code standard and meets W3C Validation using the latest CSS3, HTML5 and PHP 7.x to bring you a professional plugin for Joomla that is Joomla 3.7 ready.

The Plugin works inside your Joomla website anywhere you can use shortcodes including articles, custom HTML modules, k2, virtuemart, hikashop, easy blog, easy discussion and zoo discussions to name just a few!

Designed to be easy to use, Shortcode Ultimate has a sleek front-end interface that allows you to insert your shortcodes with the minimum of fuss. Plus, you can use the Live Preview feature for a powerful WYSIWYG experience without leaving the back end.

Backed by a Live Search that gives you extensive search power with filters by type, it is the ultimate plugin for your Joomla website.

This plugin will not disappoint, backed by over 1000 satisfied customers and over 90% 5 star reviews, we know you are going to love it.

Why not explore some of the shortcodes for yourself?

Shortcode Ultimate - Live Preview

The flexibility will impress. With a simple override/customize feature from your ‘template HTML override’ folder – exactly how you would use module or component override – Shortcode Ultimate provides the ultimate in familiarity with a minimal learning curve.

Of course you can just as easily add your own shortcodes, modify existing ones to create new ones, suggest feature improvements and it includes multilingual support.

What our clients saying:

Shortcode Ultimate - Review

Shortcode Ultimate - All Reviews

Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answering technical questions about item’s features
  • Assistance with reported bugs and issues
  • Help with included 3rd party assets

Why Choose Shortcode Ultimate Plugin?

  1. Joomla 3.7.x Ready
  2. High Resolution Ready, Tab and Mobile Friendly
  3. User friendly interface for insert shortcode in editor
  4. Edge of technology CSS3, HTML5, PHP 7.x ready and also W3C Valid Code
  5. 90+ Shortcodes with infinity of variations and maximum things customization possible from generator
  6. Front end shortcode insert facility you can easily insert from both way admin/front-end
  7. Anywhere work any shortcode (such as in article, custom html module, k2, virtuemart, hikashop, easy blog, easy discussion, zoo, seblod etc extensions)
  8. It’s ability to use K2 and Joomla Article as Timeline, Carousel, Photo Gallery, Showcase, Portfolio
  9. Preset save features available, you can easily save your current setting for near future uses
  10. Live preview, you can check your shortcode in live preview with any modification will show immediately
  11. It has live search and quick access facility so you can easily find your shortcode by typing 1-3 character or you can enter in any shortcode by typing full name with pressing enter key, also it have a filter feature by shortcode type.
  12. Super easy to override or customize any shortcode from your template html override folder, just like module/component override
  13. Also we included most popular paid plugins for you, that save you $148.00+ dollars value. isn’t enough huh! tell us what we missed here so we will try to add them in our plugin.
  14. Add your own Shortcode with super easy way even you can add your own translation as you need.
  15. Multilingual supported and also included English, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese Language. your language not listed here? Don’t worry translate it from

Shortcode included in this plugin

  • Accordion
  • Animation
  • Audio
  • Blocklquote
  • Buttons
  • Box Shortcode
  • Call To Action
  • Carousel
  • Contact Form
  • Content Slider
  • Custom Carousel
  • Counter
  • Countdown Timer
  • Document
  • Dropcaps
  • Drawer
  • Device Slider
  • Divider
  • Dummy Image
  • Dummy Text
  • Exit Bar
  • Exit Popup
  • File Download
  • Frame
  • FAQ
  • Fancy Text
  • Flip Box
  • FlipBook
  • Flip Countup new shortcode
  • Flip Countdown new shortcode
  • Flickr
  • Flyout
  • Google Map
  • Google Map Advanced
  • Guests
  • Heading
  • Highlights
  • Icon List
  • Icon
  • Image Compare
  • Image Zoom
  • Instagram
  • Joint Button new shortcode
  • Light Box
  • LivIcon
  • List
  • Load Module
  • Mailchimp
  • Member
  • Modal
  • News Ticker
  • Note
  • Odometer new shortcode
  • Photo Panel
  • Panel
  • Portfolio
  • Post Grid
  • Post Slider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Pricing Table
  • Progress Pie
  • Progress Bar
  • QR Code
  • Row & Columns
  • Screenr
  • Social Feed
  • Social Feed
  • Social Gallery
  • Social Like
  • Social Locker
  • Section
  • Shadow
  • Showcase
  • Switcher
  • Spacer
  • Splash Screen
  • Spoiler
  • Super Tabs
  • Table
  • Tabs
  • Thumb Gallery
  • Testimonial
  • Tooltip
  • Timeline
  • Trailer Box
  • Twitter
  • User Content
  • Video
  • Vimeo
  • Weather
  • You Tube
  • You Tube Advanced

Want more shortcode please do the survey and inform us what your needs:

Those Template are Powered by Shortcode Ultimate

Megastar - Business Joomla Template - Business Corporate Landbox - Multipurpose Joomla Template - Business Corporate
Kirion - Multipurpose Joomla Template - Business Corporate Jaap - Creative Onepage Joomla Template - Business Corporate

Intensy - Multipurpose Joomla Template - Business Corporate

Holax Multipurpose Hikashop eCommerce Template - Shopping Retail

Generous - Charity Joomla Template - Charity Nonprofit
Effortless - Multi-purpose Joomla Template - Business Corporate

Changelog: [Last Update: 1st May 2017]

== Version 3.7.1 [1st May 2017] == 
! Properly tested with joomla 3.7
# Section responsive problem fixed
+ Quix addon added more 13 elements
+ SP page builder addon added 13 elements
+ Telegram share added in Social share shortcode

== Version 3.7.0 [3rd April 2017] == 

+ Flip Countdown Shortcode added
+ Flip Countup Shortcode added
+ Joint Button Shortcode added
+ Odometer Shortcode added
# Quix addon added more 4 elements
+ SP page builder addon added 4 elements
# Fixed minor php and script problem
^ Flipbook translated properly
^ Language file updated

== Version 3.6.1 [12th March 2017] == 

# Quix addon added more 2 elements
+ SP page builder addon added 3 elements

== Version 3.6.0 [9th February 2017] ==

+ Content plugin now separated from system plugin for few extension support reason.
+ Seblod Extension support added [make sure your seblod content order at top position]
# Quix addon added more 5 elements
+ SP page builder addon added 21 elements
# SP page builder icon issue fixed
# SP page builder k2 warning issue fixed
# internal functionality, css and javascript improved
[Installation Note: Just remove all old version then install new one.]

== Version 3.5.0 [2nd January 2017] ==

+ Super Tab Shortcode Added
+ Quix Page Builder Support added (60+ shortcodes added)
+ SP Page Builder Support added (44+ shortcode added)
^ Flipbook Script updated
^ Cube portfolio script updated to latest version
^ Language file updated
^ Improve internal functionality
# Social loacker assest location fixed
# Twitter carousel option fixed
# Spoiler shortcode nested style fixed
# Progress pie on appear animation fixed
# Switcher same switch name problem fixed
# internal functionality, css and javascript improved

== Version 3.4.0 [3rd December 2016] ==

+ Drawer Shortcode added
+ Icon list added link option for header, icon, text
^ Fontawesome updated to 4.7
^ Owl Carousel script updated
^ Social Locker script updated
# Image compare after/before text fixed for mobile view
# Child spoiler style inheritance problem fixed
# Google map advance responsive problem fixed
# Contact form email send problem fixed


== Version 3.3.0 [15th October 2016] ==

+ 3D FlipBook Shortcode Added
+ Social Gallery Shortcode Added
+ Post Slider Shortcode Added
+ Member Shortcode now added alt tag for member image
+ Image zoom now added Large image option for image optimization
+ Thumb Gallery shortcode added lightbox and image zoom option
+ [Remove Shortcode Plugin Added] Shortcode tag Remove from search result long time expected feature now available    
# Showcase, Portfolio, Post grid shortcode category skip/remove problem now fixed.
# Social like facebook button position fixed
# Testimonial company url now set nofollow for SEO purpose
# Call to Action Button RTL problem fixed
$ Translation file updated

== Version 3.2.1 [9th August 2016] ==

+ FAQ Shortcode filter option added
+ Viber and WhatsApp Share option added in Social Share shortcode
+ Intro message added for new user
^ Mailchimp Internal code optimize
# Custom carousel vertical aligment fixed
^ Cube Portfolio updated to 3.7.1
^ Admin Settings view optimized
$ Some translation updated

== Version 3.2.0 [18th July 2016] ==

+ Ready for Joomla 3.6 Version 
+ Mailchimp Shortcode Added
^ FontAwesome updated to 4.6.3
^ Translation files updated
^ Image compare script updated for mootools conflict 
^ FAQ shortcode permalink link options added.
# Google map api problem fixed (now you need to set your api key in shortcode plugin setting to show your google map)
# Carousel bug fixed
# Flipbox margin bottom fixed
# Instagram script update for new token system (now you set to token first from plugin admin or in shortcode attributes to show instagram photos and video)
# fixed panel url clicking option
# youtube playlist now work directly

== Version 3.1.0 [13th May 2016] ==

* Improved Security Fault
# Absolute base url fixed for compatible with any compressing extension such as jch, rokbooster, warp framework gzip etc.
# Quix Page builder lightbox conflict fixed
# Divider center style issue fixed
# Image compare position problem fixed
# Social Feed shortcode facebook loading issue fixed
# Weather Shortcode some default value problem fixed
# Download Shortcode not work when move server fixed
# Social Locker script updated and fixed the facebook lock system
$ Translation files updated

== Version 3.0.2 [25th March 2016] ==

# Contact Form single quote and double missing problem fixed
# Contact Form Reset form button show/hide issue fixed
# Contact Form Label show/hide issue fixed
# Iconlist not clickable problem fixed
# Social feed position config was wrong value

== Version 3.0.1 [15th March 2016] ==

# Iconlist shortcode margin bottom problem fixed
# Member shortcode script problem fixed
# Section shortcode background color problem fixed
# Social share shortcode twitter share problem fixed
+ Spoiler shortcode added a new style
# Tooltip shortcode w3c validation problem fixed

== Version 3.0.0 [9th March 2016] ==

+ Custom Carousel Shortcode Added (for any purpose)
+ Flyout Shortcode Added (for showing Ads)
+ Image Zoom Shortcode Added
+ Thumb Gallery Shortcode Added 
+ Spoiler Shortcode added brand new 5 style
+ Switcher shortcode added a new style
+ Tab Shortcode added brand new 3 style
+ Testimonials shortcode added brand new 2 style
+ Member shortcode added a new style
+ Note shortcode added a new style
+ Heading shortcode added a new style
^ Portfolio zoom and link on/off option added
^ Table CSV import calculation updated
^ Cube Portfolio script updated to 3.5
^ Carousel shortcode zoom/link on/off option added + style 5 added
^ Contact form shortcode fully re-coded + Google No Captcha added
^ Post grid shortcode thumb show on/off option added
^ Progress Pie shortcode fully re-coded with new script for responsive issue
^ Spacer Shortcode added medium and small device space setting option for better spacing for all device.
^ Tooltip shortcode added position option, now you can set tooltip left/center/right/bottom etc
# Row and Column margin, gutter, medium device margin problem fixed
# Call to action radius problem fixed
# Google Map Advanced height problem fixed + 2 new map style added
# Icon list shortcode right align icon gap problem fixed
# Pricing table style 4 badge problem fixed
# Section shortcode w3c validation problem fixed
# Timeline shortcode permalink issue fixed
# Also fixed some minor css and javascript problem
$ Some Language string fixed and added

Changelog Symblic Meaning:

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

No Idea about versioning please look there:

Source and Credit

  • Special thanks to: Vladimir Anokhin
  • Flip Countdown, Responsive Flip Counter Plugin (value $8)
  • Ruby Tabs – Premium Tabs & Slider (value $12)
  • dFLIP – FLIPBOOK jQuery Plugin (value $14)
  • ImageZoom – Responsive jQuery Image Zoom Plugin (value $8)
  • FlyOut – Fixed and Sticky Website Banner Positions (value $7)
  • Breaking News Ticker (value $5)
  • jQuery Social Media Timeline (value $10)
  • Flat Weather Jquery Plugin (value $6)
  • First Time Jquery Plugin (value $11)
  • Social Locker for jQuery (value $18)
  • Easy Video Background (value $10)
  • Cube Portfolio – Responsive jQuery Grid Plugin (value $17)
  • LivIcons – 303 Truly Animated Vector Icons (value $14)
  • Youmax – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook & Instagram Grid (value $8)
  • OWL Carousel V2
  • GMaps.js
  • jQuery Flickr Feed Plugin
  • JPlayer jQuery HTML5 Audio / Video
  • jQuery CountUp Plugin
  • Magnific Popup
  • qTip2 Jquery Tooltip
  • Appear Jquery Plugin
  • Animate CSS3 Animation
  • jQuery Countdown
  • Fancy Text (Animated Headline)
  • QR Code Generator
  • Responsive Social Share
  • Thanks to Dimitris Varava – & Aleksandr Kurteev – for Russian Language Translation.
  • Thanks to SMSdesign for Ukrainian Language Translation.
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