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Pure Uploader


  1. Drag & Drop Files
  2. Watermark (Text or Image) for image.(with position,alpha,size etc.)
  3. Thumbnail for Images
  4. Adjustable Thumbnail Resolution
  5. Icons for all types
  6. Upload for all file types
  7. Resize Image
  8. Keep Aspect Ratio for images
  9. File Filter
  10. File Size Limit
  11. Progress Bar
  12. Upload Limit
  13. Auto Upload
  14. Adjustable classes
  15. Oldschool upload when HTML5 aren’t supported
  16. ASP.NET (Web Form & Mvc) Example
  17. PHP Example



  1. Added template system
  2. Added chunk upload
  3. Added preparing of image part.
  4. Added new functions (start, pause, remove, isworking, find)
  5. Added icon file extension.
  6. Added customization of error messages.
  7. Large file upload is working(only with chunk).
  8. Demo page updateded.
  9. MVC4 is working with last version of plugin. (PHP and WebForm will update soon too.)
  10. Http protocol bug fixed.
  11. File filter fixed.
  12. Error function of plugin is more organized now.


  1. Bugs fixed
  2. I test mobile of plugin on WP 8.1 / Android 4.4.4. And it work.


  1. Added gif support
  2. Added new function ‘beforeSend’
  3. Fixed Bugs


  1. Alot of bugs fixed
  2. Added Watermark with image.
  3. Added Auto Upload
  4. Icons improved
  5. Image Resize & Aspect Ratio improved
  6. Demo page is improved. More examples


  1. Added aspect ratio(thumbnail) to php example
  2. Added aspect ratio feature.


  1. Php Example improved
  2. Image width & height rule


  1. Resize Image
  2. Php Example


Wanna an uploader script? Don’t wanna belong to any JS frameworks like jQuery? Wanna customize it easily, use your own css and html design with it? Then you come to the right place. Our Pure Image Uploader script does all of that with ease.

We’ve done it as much user-friendly as we could. Our script uses these technologies:

HTML5 – File API, Drag&Drop, Canvas etc…
Pure JS – AJAX Requests and other manupulations for simultaneously uploads
Needs JSON only as a returning result from server – that means you CAN use any server-side platform with our script
We provide ASP.NET and PHP scripts with package also we give the idea in the documents that would be under the hood of your script

Our script features:
Simultaneously multi uploads via AJAX requests
Drag&Drop support
Support for all type files
Icons for File Types
Watermark for each image that is being uploaded – Exclusive NEW
Progress Bar
Thumbnail of each of them if you want
Easy to implement, FULLY customizable
Limit options – File size limit, file limit per upload
Filter by type – accepts only your whitelist types of file png,jpg etc…
When HTML5 doesn’t supported by browser, script automatically detects that and show an HTML5 doesn’t supported error and a classic uploader form as well.
For HTML5 working at Chrome 24+, Opera 12+, Safari 5+, Firefox 18+ and 10+

The script easy-to-implement when you get used to it, everything in our script is fully customizable. Only thing you need to do is enter your uploader’s elements’ ids to our script’s options. You can customize the way of the look of progress bars in our script, too. You can customize the
HTML5 error that how it placed and rendered.

WATERMARKS : You can add watermarks to your images via our script. We support various options to customize watermark that appears on your image by Font options, Color, Text, Position, Alpha.

THUMBNAILS : Also you can add thumbnails if you want, you can specify the resolution of that thumbnail would create of.

Buy Pure Uploader at just 10

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