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Latest Approaches in the Ever-Evolving World of SEO Experts

The world of search engine optimisation is unbelievably dynamic. Thus, strategies and approaches here keep changing almost every now and then. Just including the popular search phrases in your blogs will not will not rank your business on Google SERPs any more. On the other hand, it is now even more important for corporate brands to secure places on Google because if they are not there, then they practically do not exist.

The latest approach to SEO

Thus, the demand for more meaningful content with high-quality blogs and well-planned social media campaign are rising steadily among search engine optimisers. At the same time, it is also important to have mobile-friendly websites for businesses to reach out to a wider customer base. Interestingly, other than providing the updates on its search algorithm from time to time, Google does not provide any other guideline or information for SEO experts. Thus, much of the job of any search engine marketer is based on speculation and hunches.

Ethics and transparency

To make their job even more difficult, Google is becoming smarter with the passage of time. It is now increasingly difficult to avail the shorter ways to success. You just cannot pull the wool over Google’s eyes and get away scot-free with your unethical approaches. Ethical approach and transparency are the keys that Google look for while ranking a business higher up on its Search Engine Result Page. Considering all these complexities, it is obvious that securing desired results from SEO campaigns now take longer time. As such, it has been seen, a campaign may take months at stretch to show the expected outcome. Unfortunately, most clients want to have their desired results as fast as possible. Holding on to patience is another important criterion today to achieve success from investing in SEO and a very few people actually realise this.

The evolved strategies

In this situation, seasoned search engine marketers are relying on the following strategies to drive their campaigns to success.

  • Create great content, because Google is solely focused on providing users with authentic information. Make sure, your content engages readers and is fresh and original.
  • Build links with reputed websites through your content. This will help you gaining some quality followers.
  • Include great title tags to your content that are rich in relevant keywords.
  • Create and maintain social media profiles, like Twitter and Facebook. Optimising websites for search engines is no more possible without taking help from social media networks.
  • Last but never the least, business websites need to be optimised for handheld mobile devices as well. Google is now promoting mobile-optimised websites more through its SERP listings than websites that are not optimised.

The internet users are rapidly evolving and their expectations are also rising steadily. They depend on their handheld smartphones to conduct an online search and they are also in shortage of time. Thus, it is high time to modify the strategies to optimise websites for search engines. Otherwise, sustaining will really be difficult for even the most powerful brand in the world.

Source by Sanjiv Barnwal

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Sachin Iyer

I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - [email protected]

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  1. Anshul Sharma

    Hey Sachin,

    well thought of and written content, I have been in the seo and digital marketing from the last 2 yrs and have seen it evolving quite a bit in this time, the strategies keep on changing keeping in mind the google algorithm, I think we as digital marketing people needs to constantly think of new ideas to evolve and survive in this field.


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