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Intuition – The Coach's Secret Weapon

Coaches learn a lot of skills in coaching school but one that is not taught is use of their intuition. Intuition plays a big role in successful coaching. It can even set apart a good coach from a great coach. Intuition can be what tells a coach that there is something there – sometimes at a level level that would help a client if it were explored. Intuition picks up on little clues the client gives off and takes them to a different level. A coach needs to learn to trust their intuition. But how do you do that when you are working with someone? You do not what to experiment on a client that is for sure.

This is one good reason why coaches should keep up their learning whether it is in formal training, with a Mentor Coach or with a support group of fellow coaches. These are all safe places to practice working on and deepening the skill of trusting your intuition. Trusting your intuition is not a guessing game and a coach should never guess at what a client is saying or feeling. Everything needs to be checked out with the client through active listening skills. Always keep in mind that you are working with a client about their life and life issues. That is serious business and you can easily say and do things that will impact them negatively for a long time into the future. Always, always check in with your client to be sure you are on the same wave length.

Another way to work on your intuition skills is to practice with family and friends. Say something like, "I was listening to what you were saying and I am wondering if it's happening with you?". This will give whomever you are talking with a chance to agree or disagree with your observation or what your intuition is telling you.

A third way to practice your intuition skills is to watch tv talk and news shows. Pay close attention to the unscripted ones. They are the best for observation of people and how they are expressing themselves. Watch for body language that does not align with the words that are being said. When you are coaching someone and that happens you generally call it to their attention so they can figure out what is going on. You can practice your skills at observing by watching these show on the tv.

I hope these three suggestions will help you practice your intuition skills in a safe place. Keep working on it. It gets better with time and you will be a better coach for increasing your sills in this area.

Source by Lynn Banis

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Sanjay Tatwawadi
Sanjay , allthough an engineer by profession has varied interests in sales, marketing, sports, science and spiritualism. He coaches and specialises in training the new generation for betterment in life. A Rotarian to the core, he has excelled in adding value added program for enrichment of society at large Having lead the team to different countries in vocational and cultural exchange programs. An avid cyclist and badminton player, he is passionate in writing and promoting good reading habits in youngsters.
Sanjay Tatwawadi

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