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Entrepreneurs Will Pull Us Out of the Recession

Just last night while I was doing some short story reading and page flipping at my local "franchise" book store, I realized a few things. First and foremost some people need a life. Sitting in a public place drinking coffee and people watching and flipping a page of something you know they are not even reading. Sorry for the vent, thank you, I feel better.

But anyways, one article was "Entrepreneurs will lead the Recovery" was the title. It went into all kinds of statistics. In short the economic story for 2008-2009 is sad. I know it to be very true as my wife and I own a small restaurant in NY about an hour and a half north of the city (more about the food establishment coming to a theater near you soon). The last two years have been a far cry from good for the old brick and mortar place. Tough times equal Opportunity. People break from the norm when times are tough and realize there has to be a better way.

Like Robert Kiyosaki stated in his best selling book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" "Those who break away from typical job structures and create their own streams of income, are in the best position to weather an economic down turn because they are not reliant on a boss or the economy to determine their income. " What a true point he makes with that statement. Here are somethings to help you through.

1) Prepare to Succeed

The first thing you need to do is prepare to succeed and learn how to do it. You already know how to fail. You can fail by doing nothing or you can fail by doing stupid things. But how do you succeed? By finding out exactly what you would need to be successful and ensuring that those needs are met. You need to have essentially three things:

• enough people who want to buy what you are selling
• a product whose quality and price is competitive enough that people want to buy it
• a way to bring the two of these (people and product) together

So there are the basic needs. Now all you have to do is figure out how to meet these needs.

2) Change Your Attitude Towards Failure
Why are you afraid of failure? Most people fear failure for one of these two reasons:

• Failure makes you a bad person, a "loser" that others look down on.
• You could lose all or most of your money and / or your possessions.

Both of these are misconceptions.

Failure does not change your genes or your personality. Starting and running your own small business could be one of the most enriching experiences of your life. Do not let your fear of failure make you miss out.

Source by Tim McGowan

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Sanjay Tatwawadi
Sanjay , allthough an engineer by profession has varied interests in sales, marketing, sports, science and spiritualism. He coaches and specialises in training the new generation for betterment in life. A Rotarian to the core, he has excelled in adding value added program for enrichment of society at large Having lead the team to different countries in vocational and cultural exchange programs. An avid cyclist and badminton player, he is passionate in writing and promoting good reading habits in youngsters.
Sanjay Tatwawadi

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