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Characteristics of a Successful Leader

Leaders are important in all fields of life and they are of significant importance to a business. There are certain characteristics a leader should possess in order to help in the development of a business. I believe that a true leader is not measured by how many people he / she can scare to do what they want done but to have the ability to gather the team and persuade them to achieve a common goal for the business or cause. A true leader is not measured by how many followers they have but how many leaders they have created.

There are certain characteristics that a leader needs in order to obtain success. Here is a short checklist in no particular order.

1. Mental Calmness:

In business, there are many stressful situations a leader has to deal with. There are times when an overload of work, deadline pressures or an irritating client can frustrate the leader. In these circumstances, a leader should be cool, calm, and collective enough to handle the situation with ease in order to complete the task at hand.

2. A Desire for Consistent Improvement:

Smart leaders know that there is always room for improvement in their businesses or in life. Staying out of their comfort zone will keep them ahead of the game since the game is always changing. Being active in one's personal development increases the leader's skills and knowledge in order to close more deals or manage day to day tasks efficiently.

3. Relentless:

Being relentless in achieving a goal is one of the greatest of the exercises. In order to achieve a goal for any business the leader should have a 'by any means necessary' mindset (ethically of course). Being relentless means to keep on going for what you set out to aggressively to achieve it with courage.

4. Excellent Communicator:

An effective leader knows how to articulate their thoughts clearly. They are also very skilled at communicating with different personality types. Not all people respond the same and the smart leader knows that and studies how different personality types communicate and works it to their advantage.

5. Self-confidence:

Executing actions with conviction is very important for the successful leader. They have a belief in themselves that is so convincing that make the people around them confident as well. If you do not have faith in your abilities then nobody else will.

6. Motivators:

Great leaders are great motivators. They inspire their team to achieve their goals in a way that gives them the feeling that they are important and are leader themselves. They listen to their team and respect their input on any subject and push them to take action on them if the ideas are sound.

7. Forward Thinking:

Being able to set goals for the future and achieving them is an important trait to have. The effective leader will be able to envision what they want and know how to get it. They will also communicate to the team to own this vision to be unison with what they need to achieve.

Source by Luc Sisombath

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