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CBSE 10th Class Board Exam Pattern Change to Impact Students

CBSE 10th Class Board Exam Pattern Change to Impact Students

Changes in CBSE 10th class board exam pattern are going to impact the academic performance and scores of the students appearing for exam in 2018. The generation of students who had, in past, never given any exam with full curriculum is now subjected to this pattern. CBSE always brought changes with good intentions but, the sad story at CBSE is that they are poor in educating and training people who will be impacted by these sweeping changes.

Lack of Training

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is by far the most popular curriculum adopted by the schools across India. Though CBSE is positive in bringing changes with noble intentions but, they never bother to train the trainer to carry out these changes systematically with proper flow of information.

I have been following CCE for long and in my experience it was a wonderful pattern but, lack of awareness and training has resulted in gross misuse of this initiative. Few schools have taken advantage of loopholes and created big brand schools in the process. Teachers thought they were made clerk just because CBSE never trained them nor appointed committed or dedicated people to accomplish it. In education system open bidding or tendering can never work, you have to keep your eyes and ear open to spot dedicated organizations and appoint them to implement such big changes.

We at EQ4C have trained 4000+ teachers; we have been doing assessment counselling of students to help them choose right course and career. We are engaged by few schools to evaluate teacher performance as impartial third party assessment. We have created first training centre in India to train aspirant teachers, a far better and targeted program than B.Ed. But, CBSE never found us or recognized us so far.

Current Changes in 10th Class Board Exam Pattern

After conducting more than 10 awareness programs and workshops catering to more than 2000 students of class 10th 2017-18 batch, I can clearly state that CBSE has done nothing beyond sending series of circulars informing schools about the changes in the board exam pattern. Surprisingly the intellectuals/policy makes never wrote any detailed blogs or articles to explain it in detail. Any major policy change requires awareness initiatives and here we are talking about young students who cannot understand the jargons. CBSE needs to come out of air-conditioned offices and start going to schools and create parent and student understanding programs.

But, we at EQ4C feel that it is our responsibility to educate schools, teachers, parents and students about these changes.


  1. First change is that CBSE has scrapped CCE (Complete & Comprehensive Evaluation) system from 2017-18, a system adopted by it in 2009 under UPA regime.
  2. Re-introduction of board examination with complete full curriculum.
  3. Previously 70% marks were given to schools for internal assessment and 30% marks were for board examination. Now the things have changed completely 20% only for internal assessment (10 Marks for three unit tests, student will select best two and average out of 10, 5 Marks for notebook, 5 Marks for Subject Enrichment Activities like reading, writing, practical lab work and projects)
  4. Most surprising aspect nobody knows is that CBSE has made 6th Subject mandatory. Students can choose from the list of subjects mentioned in CBSE circular. CBSE does not tell whether they will ask schools to make resources available for these subjects.
  5. Board examination will be of 80 Marks with full curriculum of class 10th in each subject.
  6. Co-scholastic – Grading on 5 point scale (will not impact the total score)
  7. Discipline, attendance etc – Grading on 5 point scale (will not impact the total score)
  8. Another aspect is the syllabus for unit test, if a school conducts unit test in August and 5 chapters have been completed the test will be for 1 to 5 chapters, now in the second test in October if 10 chapters are over, than second unit test will include 1-5 & 6 to 10 chapters. So it will be progressive testing henceforth.

CBSE has opened a Pandora box of surprises for students and each surprise is going to make their life difficult this year.

This is a change without much support from the board and officials are just sending circulars, no training so far to the school staff. The important year like 10th class where time is important factor and CBSE is not bothered in comforting these poor students. This is the question of life for a whole 10th class people; I don’t understand when they will think seriously on it by sharing the responsibility.

But, we have taken this initiative to inform & educate all stakeholders on all the changes.

  • We have planned offline seminars for parents at our office and at schools who are serious in educating their parent group.
  • We have also planned online webinars for people based elsewhere in India, so that they can understand and educate their children.
  • We have already started one day workshops for students to make them understand the changes, build their confidence, increase their concentration, make them focus on a specific goal, refining study habits in view of the changes, managing time effectively and inducing self-resolve to achieve excellence in class 10th board examination.

We at EQ4C feel that the three important years in life of any student is 10th, 11th & 12th because these years decide what they will do for 35 years in their professional life. Complacency or lack of seriousness may result in misfit and unhappy career and eventually lifelong regret.

Team EQ4C wish to focus on these formative years and create that awareness to achieve excellence in all spheres of life.

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Sachin Iyer

I am a self‐learned digital executive, leader, strategist and trainer by profession and experience. I have rich experience as marketer, trainer, entrepreneurial evangelist and start up facilitator. I admire first generation of entrepreneurs and conducted more than 200 programs to establish startup ecosystem in Central India. I have worn many hats in my career, as a result, I have a unique ability to manage multi‐disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges in the process. I have big ideas and I don't care who gets credit, I just like to facilitate. Drop me a line anytime, whether it's a collaboration, writing projects, skills training or just business - will love to hear from you - [email protected]

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