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Alec Baldwin Has Developed a "Toe Nail Syndrome"

It's a known fact that the overload of stress leads to road rage, work rage, domestic aggression (verbal and physical) and frustration.

In most cases, where the anger is has directed, is not the true source of the problem. For example;


A couple is lying in bed at night. By accident (he or she) brushes her toe nail on the leg of her partner. Her partner lunges up in bed and starts screaming and using profanity directed at her. He's blaming her for his unhappiness at work and general frustration with his life. She is stunning! She asks herself, "What have I done to create such" rage "in my partner?
Surely, it can not be just a scratch from my toe nail? "

The truth is that he has displaced and compounded his unresolved anger, stress and unhappiness and placed it in a toe nail scratch.

This exact situation of ranting and inappropriate raging is a perfect example of the way Alec Baldwin directed his "Toe Nail Syndrome" towards his daughter.

According to news reports, his temper has been a problem in the past; and, because he has not addressed his lack of "emotional intelligence" and anger management skills, we will see it again and again in his personal life. Identify stressors, relearning responses to destructive reactions and problem solving communication skills can open the door to new ways of remaining non-aggressive towards his daughter and future situations.

To help develop ways in which to deal with "Toe Nail Syndromes" that trigger volatile behaviors, Anger Management Services can help.

Anger Management Services

Beverly Hills, CA

Source by Karen Golob

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