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6 Goal Setting Tips

Have you ever thought why some people achieve everything they plan, while others fail at every try? Goal setting process is a science like math or chemistry. It has its own rules and laws that you must follow to get the desired result in the end. Here are most important goal setting tips Everyone must know to be able to set effective goals and achieve maximum results:

Be precise when setting any goal. The most common mistake people make is setting vague and general goals. For example a goal, "I want to earn a lot of money" or "I want to buy a new house" is not giving your subconscious mind clear image of what is it that you really want. You have to be able to describe your dream in complete detail, by putting time limits on it and by making it measurable. Only then your dream will turn into a tangible and detailed goal. The sooner you give your mind clear instructions, the faster and more efficiently it will start working towards achieving your goal.

Always state your goal in positive, not in negative. Our subconscious mind is a very powerful tool. Whatever we concentrate on, we get. Unfortunately subconscious mind can not tell the difference between right and wrong. If you state your goal as, "I do not want to set myself up for another heartbreak" or "I do not want to be in debt anymore" your subconscious mind will concentrate on two words "heartbreak" and "in debt" and that's what you'll most likely get. The more positive instruction you'll give to your subconscious mind, the better will be the output.

Make sure your goals do not contradict one another. For example, you can not buy the last Porsche when your desired income is $ 55,000 a year.

Make priorities. By setting too many goals, you are getting distracted from things that are greater importance to you and set yourself up for unnecessary stress.

Write your goal down. This will help to reinforce and crystallize your goal. It is also important to reread the statement you have made. This act will boost your motivation and help to stay focused.

Set realistic goals. By both setting your goal too high or too low, you are sabotaging your success. You should set such a goal that makes you stretch your abilities and knowledge, but is not too high, so there is no hope of achieving it. Sometimes society, friends or family have unrealistic expectations for us. We try to justify their hopes, but deep inside do not believe in success. As a result, we can seriously damage our self-esteem, form negative beliefs and avoid taking risks in the future.

By following those goal setting tips you will be able to state goals correctly and use your mental and physical energy more efficiently. Good luck!

Source by Karina Kronkalne

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Sanjay Tatwawadi
Sanjay , allthough an engineer by profession has varied interests in sales, marketing, sports, science and spiritualism. He coaches and specialises in training the new generation for betterment in life. A Rotarian to the core, he has excelled in adding value added program for enrichment of society at large Having lead the team to different countries in vocational and cultural exchange programs. An avid cyclist and badminton player, he is passionate in writing and promoting good reading habits in youngsters.
Sanjay Tatwawadi

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