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Monthly Archives: September 2017

Motiv’s fitness ring is simple, but surprisingly capable

When Motiv told me what they were working on just ahead of CES, I perked up. It wasn’t the functionality — there…
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WP Defender : Security Plugin for WordPress

WP Defender will help you protect from the untraceable vulnerabilities that your WordPress is subject to. - Firewall defends you from CSRF,…
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AI hype has peaked so what’s next?

2017 has been the year of AI, reaching a fever pitch of VC and corporate investment. But, as with any hot technology,…
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Welding Jobs: Ideas You Can Use At Home To Make Money Welding (No Boss While You Make $100,000)

What if you could make $100,000 a year welding from home?What if you could make even an extra $500 a month from…
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StackCommerce buys Joyus to focus on video and expand into fashion, shopping and beauty

StackCommerce, which sells articles sponsored by brands and published on websites, has acquired the online video marketing company Joyus in an all cash…
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The Right Denim And Diamonds Attire Makes The Party Authentic

Denim and Diamonds party themes have become a popular party theme for at home parties as well as charitable fundraisers. If you've…
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Fancy Product Designer Plus Add-On | WooCommerce/WordPress

The Plus Add-On extends the Fancy Product Designer with new modules and helpful tools. Buy Fancy Product Designer Plus Add-On | WooCommerce/WordPress…
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Travis Kalanick appoints Ursula Burns, John Thain to Uber’s board

Former Uber chief Travis Kalanick has appointed two more people to the ridesharing company’s board. One of the seats is going to…
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