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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Watch TV on Computer with Satellite TV Software

Being able to watch TV on computer monitors or laptops is a great way to get all the entertainment you need from…
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What To Expect From a Search Engine Reputation Management Company

Making profits in a business is a common scenario, but winning a reputed market position demands rigorous efforts. It takes several years…
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AWS could pay a price for Amazon’s broader ambitions

When Amazon decided to buy Whole Foods, it seemed straight-forward enough. Huge company sees an opening and spends a ton of cash…
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Why Is not Your Book Profitable? 10 Reasons

You spent a lot of time and energy on your book - your labor of love. You even had it professionally edited.…
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Cowboy is a new e-bike startup from founders of Take Eat Easy

De-cloaking today is a new startup from two of the founders of defunct food delivery company Take Eat Easy. Dubbed Cowboy, the…
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Maqui Berry – The History and Legends of This Magical Superfruit

The maqui superberry is a dark purple berry that can only be found deep within the Patagonia region of Chile. Known as…
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Magna’s new MAX4 self-driving platform offers autonomy up to Level 4

Top tier 1 automotive industry supplier Magna has introduced a new functional autonomous driving platform concept it’s showing off to automaker customers,…
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When Needing A Change – How To Accomplish Your Goals

At best, the ego can only fade away, and as it does it strides to buy more time. It does so by…
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