• Musk’s mini sub “not practical” for Thai cave boys rescue – TechCrunch
  • N26 updates its web app – TechCrunch
  • Grab co-founder says Southeast Asia still has plenty of competition despite Uber’s exit – TechCrunch
  • Trump’s Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality, supports NSA bulk collection – TechCrunch
  • Facebook was never ephemeral, and now its Stories won’t have to be – TechCrunch
  • Retail startup Bulletin is giving brands new tools to manage their in-store presence – TechCrunch
  • Instacart hires its first Chief Communications Officer, Dani Dudeck – TechCrunch
  • Apple releases new iPad, FaceID ads – TechCrunch
  • Index Ventures closes 2 funds, $1B for growth rounds and $650M for early-stage investing – TechCrunch
  • Univision reportedly mulling sale of Fusion Media Group – TechCrunch

Monthly Archives: January 2017

Teaching an overlooked and deprived profession

We must stop blaming teachers for our failing education system. They aren’t the only ones to blame and they shouldn’t be the central focus of blame.

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Fierce Sporting Rivalry of Two Great Friends Sports

Fierce Sporting Rivalry of Two Great Friends

Evert and Navratilova met on the tennis court 80 times over the course of 16 years. The individual narratives of these two star athletes who carried women’s tennis through the 1970s and 1980s could stand on their own as significant sports stories in the past 30 years.

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