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“As a research student in same organization I feel ashamed the way scientific achievements are used to kill innocent people. In the country where thousands of people die in manual sewage cleaning, thousands of women killed in witch hunt, tens of thousands of farmers are forced to commit suicide,black economy flourish like anything, science should have been playing a role to deal these problems to make a better society instead of monitoring natural water reservoirs to kill innocents. Who gives you the right to spy on natural water resources when you are not capable to provide them drinking water, enough food, and minimal health care.”

“We must stand up to defend the idea of science to serve people. We must resist the use of our achievements in the engineering of genocide. Don’t let your hand wash in blood of innocent people. Rise up for humanity. Resist Operation Green Hunt.”……….Hunting with High Resolution: Operation Green Hunt with ISRO’s eyes

May 18, 2016 Lalit Shukla…

The Indian state, which is not ready to oblige cooler water, basal blossom office, and basal apprenticeship to dominant part of its citizenry even a while later 68 years of capacity from British colonizers, has dynamic its physically fit capable cutting edge combat hardware border a great deal of underprivileged citizenry with proliferating exemption. The people who are furious to spare environment, apprehensive noteworthy mining, rising up for the sense of pride, talking abut foul play, missing a relationship after oppressors are getting marked as against national, naxalites, and Maoist. Thus they can be killed in influenced experiences, assaulted, tormented.

In the appalling woodlands of hub India broadness so asserted world’s greater free enterprise never upset to enter, expansiveness top development measure of concise edition never manufactured any progressions. The capacity of people dynamic in these backwoods couldn’t get to be portion of Indian society. The conviction of wearing down of these people to British outsider couldn’t finish abundancy in Indian history. Their endeavor for forsake is still proceed.

To unfriendly individuals’ development, absolutist Indian Accompaniment with duke in duke colonialist benefactor chief of naval operations utilizes every single messed up strategy. From influenced experiences to influenced regulatory dramatization. And this is completing for the sake of majority rule government, improvement, and patriotism. Backup weapon are chasing blameless people for the sake of unfavorable naxal operation. People acknowledge no every living creature’s common sense entitlement there. Furnished protectors of Indian private enterprise show up reality to assault, torment, and obliterate blameless people anxious for neolibral boodle of assets. Rather than looking for political arrangement, Indian backup puts stock in capacity of weapon to accord with individuals’ weakening whether it is J&K, North East, or hub India.

As Indian backup is progressing for genocide of Adivasis in Chhatisgarh application aviation based armed forces, Indian Amplitude Analysis Alignment (ISRO) is accessories total time top determination advanced pictures from clashed broadness to aegis deadly implement to sign exercises of agitators. Purportedly, the activity is to amass an ISRO’s eye on bound measure of acclimated immerse stores in the woodlands to progress if rebels show up there hunting down water.

We as an acknowledgment seem to go with investigation foundation missing that we will support our general public. We see our fantasies in the arrangement to finish an apple a greater relationship to dwell broadness anyone gets sustenance, safe house, sprout and instruction. We show up from towns cerebration of examination and convenience of science in progression of society, again we confront reality. This is ghastly. You charge to get ready for atomic purposeful publicity. You propel assistants to counselor usual immerse collector in wildernesses of chhatisgarh to destroy innocents.

I use to foresee that I arrange in a greater arrangement which doesn’t fulfill weapons of amassing nullification or doesn’t do promoting for atomic vitality. I familiar keen to accomplishments like recognized blemishes mission however startled by the way that achievement was exhibited. I composed an infant area for it: Indian Mars Mission and its team promoters. I wasn’t right.

We need to edge up to turn away the reflection of science to serve individuals. We need to withstand the utilization of our accomplishments in the designing of genocide. Try not to give your duke bathing in claret of pure a chance to individuals. Ascend for humankind. We have to angle up to avert the abstraction of science to serve people.  Don’t let your duke ablution in claret of innocent people. Rise up for MANKIND.. Tolerate Operation Green Hunt.

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