"It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it" –Oscar Wilde

August 19, 2014

10 things to avoid Cancer

  Scientific research proves that human beings can control lot of chronic illnesses and cancer is no exception to it. 70% of all cancers could be […]
July 14, 2014

8 Simple Adjustments to Spend Quality Time with Your Child

We as parents are so often caught with work and household chores that we sometimes forget to spend quality time with our children. The nurturing and […]
July 14, 2014

Draw a Path-Let Them Lead

As parents, we must allow our children to be more independent. They can only be so, if we give them some breathing space. They must learn […]
July 10, 2014

Stay Fit with Zumba – Shake Shake and Shrink

The most important thing in a Zumba class is the sizzling music which makes you to get up and start dancing in a minute. A basic […]