LMM – WordPress Responsive Mega Menu based on Bootstrap

Liquida Mega Menu is a WordPress plugin, based on Bootstrap 3.3, designed for both regular users and developers. The LMM Plugin has a simple and intuitive interface, integrated in the WP dashboard, allowing you to create and customize an unlimited amount of mega menus, without any programming skills.

For developers who want to fully customize the plugin, LMM offers additional tools to integrate the menu into your WP theme, like advanced configuration options and hooks or custom CSS field.


  • Regular Users
  • F.A.Q
  • Developers

Key Features

LMM Plugin comes with dozens of features, for regular and advanced users alike:

  • Automatic and manual integration
  • Support for WordPress Multisite
  • Support for child themes
  • Fully customizable style for menus
  • Multiple styles available, one for each theme location
  • Custom menu locations
  • Horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Sticky menu on scroll
  • Click or use the hoverIntent plugin to open links
  • Subtitles in all links
  • Align links to the left or the right side of the menu
  • Float dropdown menus to the left or the right side of the link
  • Customizable breakpoint for menu collapse
  • Show or hide items depending on the screen size
  • Tabs and widgets
  • Integrate any widget into the menu
  • Google Fonts
  • Support for Font Awesome icons
  • Dropdown animations
  • Change the theme location for any post/page directly from the Metabox
  • WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads shopping cart in the menu
  • Login and create account functions
  • Bootstrap column grid system
  • Support for Visual Composer
  • Support for Contact Form 7
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Support for Easy Digital Downloads

Features for Developers

For complete plugin integration, you can take advantage of the LMM features for developers:

  • Load the .less files from the folder of your own theme
  • Define the default options that the user will see
  • Define the developer options that the user can’t change
  • Enable or disable the ability to change the menu from the Metaboxes
  • Enable or disable styles and scripts loading
  • Create your own custom dropdown animations
  • Add filters to modify the contents of the menu
  • Enable or disable support for multiple theme locations



------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.2.3 --------------------------------
Fixed: invalid type in locations.less when dropdown border is empty
Fixed: small css fixes
Fixed: fix for horizontal offcanvas layout on mobile devices
Fixed: jquery sortable is not a function

------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.2.2 --------------------------------
New: Option to show/hide carets on horizontal menu
New: Option to set logo height in navbar and navbar sticky
New: Option to set thumnail size in post type
New: Option for view port in header
New: Added itemscope from Schema.org
Fixed: issue with lmm locations
Fixed: add icon in social network
Fixed: dropdown menus for post types
Fixed: mega menu width
Fixed: Close all submenus when mouse click outside menu area
Changes: column system simplified

------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.2.1 --------------------------------
Fixed: Issue with stiky navbar
Fixed: Issue with lmm locations when plugin is deactivated
Fixed: Issue with lmm locations when options panel reseted
Fixed: Issue with carets in windows resize
New: New options to hide the vertical menu in collapsed mode
New: Current page in vertical menu

------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.2 ----------------------------------
Depreceated: metaboxes have been disabled
Depreceated: all locations tab
New: Admin Backend 
Update: Less php
Update: Advance Customizer 1.1.0
Update: Redux Framework
Update: PerfectScrollbar
Fixed: Issue with theme locations "1_slug" 
Fixed: Touch & Mousehover interactions in notebooks with touchscreen
Fixed: WXR_Parser class exists
Fixed: depreceated WP_Widget
Coming Soon: New demo import system

------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.1.3 --------------------------------

Fixed: scroll down in login/create account widget #resize
Fixed: scroll down in mega menu #resize
Fixed: last tab mouseleave 
Fixed: vertical menu left pscrollbar moved to left
Fixed: touch events in vertical menu for IExplorer 11
Fixed: pscrollbar ie touchscreen
Fixed: modal icons & columns in wpengine panel
Fixed: array_key_exists argument should be either a string or an integer 
Fixed: cart dropdown issues

------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.1.2 --------------------------------

Fixed: backface hidden added for the sticky navbar
Fixed: location metaboxes only applied to first menu
Fixed: issues in admin backend style
Fixed: logout button
New: support for nav menu roles
Update: redux framework 3.5.7

-------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.1 ---------------------------------

Update: redux framework
Fixed: scrollbar vertical menu on mousehover
Fixed: sticky navbar on first load with scrolled screen
Fixed: navbar & dropdown fonts
Fixed: lmm backend styles and scripts loads only in the navmenu screen
New: WordPress Customizer Support for layouts
New: Native Support for Elegant Icons, Elusive Icons, FontAwesome, Foundation Icons & Themify Icons
New: Tabs Menu scroll content support
New: LMM Search Dropdown option
New: LMM Social Icons with two options
New: Options for bootstrap medium and large screen breakpoints
New: Option Navbar background gradient rgba
New: Option Navbar background gradient degrees
New: Option Navbar logo background 
New: Option Animation Bottom to Top 
New: CSS & HTML improvements
Deleted: option navbar background image

-------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.0.4 -------------------------------
Fixed: container auto width after window resize

-------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.0.3 -------------------------------
New: validation process for color and rgba color fields, not empty
New: navbar sticky background color
Fixed: toggle button with multiple menus in same page
Fixed: only the first sticky navbar will be sticky

-------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.0.2 -------------------------------
Fixed: added icon & subtitle options in LMM Mega & LMM Tabs
Fixed: slidebar effect in navbar sticky
Fixed: sticky navbar transition on mobile devices
Developers : fixed filters priority in my-config-example.php
Documentation updated
-------------------------------- LMM MENU v1.0.1 -------------------------------
Option : background navbar color rgba
Option : navbar slidebar onmousehover effect
Fixed : google font load with two redux instances
Fixed : post type thumb
Fixed : cart open after update
Developers : new filter - change demos folder
Documentation updated
Demo content updated
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