Your Weight Management Program – What It Should Include

A good weight management program should address every important aspect of your life.

A lot of weight management books treat your extra weight as if it were the actual problem. More often than not, that's simply not true. Being overweight is a symptom. Treating the symptoms instead of the actual ailment is, of course, the civilized world's favorite pastime these days.

YOU are not "the civilized world," though. You are you. You want to be thin and happy, and the civilized world can go whistle.

There are two ways to get rid of all those extra pounds (ie fat) that are making you unhappy. You can concentrate on your calorie consumption and your daily exercise. It may or may not work. Another way, the only way that really works, the way that produces PERMANENT results, is a bit more involved, yet a lot more FUN. Surprised?

We're talking about an overall tune-up here, a lifestyle adjustment that you'll ENJOY.

A good, honest weight management program should address the following areas of your life (in no particular order):

1.Your job (if any)

2.Your life at home (if any)

3.Your social life (if any)

4.Your sex life (if any)

5.Your clothing preferences

6.Your diet (one of the important aspects, yet by no means the most important one)

7.Your spiritual life (ie your interests, convictions (if any), and hobbies)

8.Your daily constitutional (if any)

Sometimes, fixing just one of those aspects helps others fix themselves. Getting rid of some interests and acquiring new ones (7) may help you hook up with some new people (3) and give you enough motivation to update and / or improve your wardrobe (5), which in turn might lead to improvement in your sex life (4) and diet (6). Or – improving your life at home (2) could help you get a better job (1) and gain new exciting interests (7). And so forth. All those aspects are interrelated, and you now it. Sometimes it is enough to keep four or five of them in order, rather than all eight, to be fit.

A good, honest weight management program should address each of those aspects separately, succinctly, yet in maximum USEFUL detail. The chapter on your sex life, for instance, should include a number of scenarios. You may be married or single, with kids or without, you may or may not have a boyfriend. If, for instance, you are single and do not have a boyfriend, instructions should be provided that will help you get one – and not just any old boyfriend, but a man with what you may actually be happy. The chapter on your life at home should address a number of different scenarios as well (are you renting, paying mortgage? Do other people (a roommate, your husband and kids) live with you? All the possibilities should be covered.

A good weight management program should also provide for the possibility of achieving happiness WITHOUT losing weight. Genuinely happy folks do not mind being fat, nor do their friends mind them being so. Rubens had a point.

See my point?

Source by Ricardo Torres

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