Young Minds – Adapting to New CBSE Xth Class Board Exam Pattern

Young Minds – Adapting to New CBSE Xth Class Board Exam Pattern for the year 2017-18

An Overview

As always, CBSE has introduced sweeping changes, this time for 10th class board examination with the re-introduction of full curriculum for the students appearing for exam in 2017-18.

This generation of students had, in past, never prepared for final examination with full curriculum and this will impact greatly on their performance this year.

School Managements are too busy in reopening and god knows where CBSE officials and experts are. Many of them are still conducting workshops on CCE which is already been scraped by CBSE.

EQ4C Mandate

In view of the situation and since, we are already working in training and guiding students, we thought let us do few seminars for parents to make them aware of the situation and workshops for students to prepare them for these changes. There was lot of ignorance by school managements and many of them took it so lightly that we were also surprised. But, few really were serious about it and thus, we began our endeavour and conducted series of programs.

Till date we have already conducted much targeted workshops for more than 3000 students.

It was wonderful experience and the response from the students is worth appreciating. This generation has all the abilities and skills to overcome these changes but require proper guidance to arrive at specific plan for the year.

The Workshop – Young Minds – Adapting to New CBSE Xth Class Board Exam Pattern

We have done these workshops at our office and few willing schools. Our main emphasis was on making them understand the change, set a realistic yet challenging goal for the year, building their confidence in changing time, increasing concentration to equip them to handle full curriculum, refining their study habits, managing time effectively and come out with a concrete plan to achieve the set goal. The workshop ends with a strong Self-Resolve to achieve the goal and champion the new system.

All 3000+ students have decided to create a weekly plan, as suggested during the workshop and implement it. The plan will empower them to complete the entire curriculum with two revisions.

Now after doing these specific workshops, many schools have started approaching us to conduct the same for their students of class 10th.

The point of concern is CBSE is yet to initiate such programs to create the awareness about the changes and ease out the pressure on students. Such workshops should be made compulsory by CBSE.

Team EQ4C is also conducting parent seminars to involve parents in creating a sound support system for children to overcome the stress associated with such changes.

Old CCE Pattern

The changes have brought about a collective sigh from the teaching community. While CCE or the Continuous Cumulative Evaluation had its virtues, teachers of old format had found the pattern exacting. Many teachers even complained that the CCE pattern was being implemented in a wishful manner, hardly assisting the actual evaluation of the students. The dip in the quality assessment of young students in the country across various independent reports suggests some merit to the teachers’ suggestions. The roll back of the Class 10 Board was accepted with a cheer.

New System – Uniform System of Assessment

The final examination will be conducted by the Board. The Board exam will carry 80 per cent weight and a student’s performance in school tests will account for 20 per cent. The student will have to secure pass marks in both school and board exams separately to get promoted to Class XI.


All the changes are available in CBSE circular but the important point is to make students equip and parent aware about the changes and its impact. We at EQ4C are doing that……for the benefit of the students.

The details of workshop - Young Minds – Adapting to New CBSE Xth Class Board Exam Pattern

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