When You Look In The Mirror What Do You See?

One of the most frequent problems people have is with their self-image. They look ugly and unattractive to themselves. That being the case, how can they ever look beautiful to the world?

Do you see an attractive person shining with the vigor of life? Or do you see a slumped and slouching figure who is not worthy of being loved, respected or expected? Do your eyes skirt over your features as if avoiding the worst of it? Do you peer at your reflection criticically marking every line and bulge of fat telling yourself No wonder nobody likes you? Does the man or woman staring back at you arouse vague feelings of anger, discomfort or hatred?

Or maybe you're experimenting something else alike. Maybe you feel the other extreme – intenet conceit and smug self-satisfaction. Maybe you tell yourself, here's mannish's answer to Superman or Wonder woman. Is that you?

If you've never tried to look at yourself for more than a few seconds, I urge you now to go to the mirror and look at yourself for 3-5 minutes. Find out if you can end your own image in the mirror for any span of time and actually feel at peace with yourself. Write down the thoughts and feelings that run through you. Then, analyze what you have written.

Ø You are the projection of your thoughts and emotions.

Are you always dreaming of a slimmer body? By constantly looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed, you're only hurting yourself even further. Whether you realize it or not, a lot of negative energy gets planned when you show disdain towards your body. We are very much what we think, and despite some physical imperfections, a lot depends on the image you carry in your heart about yourself.

The first step towards inner beauty is to eliminate all the bad things you think about yourself. Most people have poor self-confidence because they see themselves as being over-weight, under-weight, thin, fat, ugly, brown, black or bald. Such people usually do not like to show up in public as they feel exposed and embarrassed. Practice the exercises I'm about to show you in a public place where you're usually tortured by insecurity. Here is a little game that you can practice on your own when going out shopping for instance.

Ø Allow your inner beauty to shine through the curtain of your body


Enjoy your looks

When it comes to looks, sadly, we are often our own worst critic. We strive to look glossy, finished and perfect, just like the supermodels on the covers of the latest magazines. We are so seduced by what we see that we do not pause to consider that these pictures are the result of hours of hard work. We forget that last beauty comes from the inside.

Here is an exercise to help you remember just that. Suppose you've just decided to go shopping. First, clear your mind of all thoughts. You're out on a shopping spree which means you are out to enjoy yourself and find something nice to wear. Enter a clothes shop and find something that you've really wanted to buy. The purpose of the entire game is to keep track and control of your thoughts and emotions; so if any idea such as "Gosh, how am I going to look in that with all my extra kilos?" run through your mind, simply let it go. Do not brood on a single thought that may ruin the day.

Every time you feel bogged down by your looks, turn your thoughts around. Repeat to yourself in silence: "I am happy with how I look, and I feel great in public!" The moment you think this way, you will feel a new energy coursing through you. You will walk straighter and feel a spring in your step. This is the only type of thought that could be acceptable under the circumstances. This is actually fun, because for once you will be enjoying yourself and feeling completely at ease.

"I feel good, I am good.

I am beautiful and

I look damn good. "

This is how the song goes.

At the end of such an experience, you will definitely feel the difference. You will look back and smile at your experience. Unknown to you, you would no doubt have attracted at least a few eyes and smiles.

Source by Larry Haber

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