Up and online in 3 Simple Steps to Start Blogging

Few minutes and just few dollars can make you up & online to start blogging. It is so simple. Only three things to remember:

Domain Name:

This is the thing you type in your browser, a name of the website. There are lot views on domain name, you can choose yours. Any name can become popular, if you desire. So, there are no set parameters to decide on the domain name. It can be anything and followed by any extension like .com, .org, etc. The most popular is .com and people go after it. You can choose anything. You can book your domain at any domain registrar like GoDaddy. Give a Google search and you will get many reputed domain registrars.

I am extremely comfortable with GoDaddy and always book my domains with them. It’s a safe place to book your domain

Website Hosting:

Windows and Linux are the two types of platforms, which are typically available for web hosting.

  1. Linux Hosting: Linux is an UNIX- based and open source platform that is predominantly used for Website hosting. LAMP is the most important feature of Linux. LAMP is an acronym used for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL, and Perl/PHP/Python. LAMP signifies combination of software and server technologies which are open source and thus making Linux web hosting offers optimal solution to website hosting with limited budget.
  2. Windows Hosting: Windows makes it possible to execute conception frameworks, .NET framework or SharePoint. In this case Windows has a big advantage when you want to add special Windows applications to your website. Some of them are ActiveServerPages (ASP), .NET script languages, VisualBasic or using Microsoft SQL databases (Access).

The main difference is the operating system which is responsible for executing scripts and databases. In other words: Linux and Windows are using different script and database languages. So you should think in advance if you need special Windows script languages. When there’s no need for ASP. VBScript or MSSQL, Linux is the OS of choice. By the way, it doesn’t matter if your computer runs on Windows, because all computers are able to communicate with Linux or Windows servers.

Linux has the Advantage

Linux has the advantage of working on 70% of webservers worldwide and I also prefer Linux. No particular reason, I am comfortable with Linux and it is working well, for me, since so last many years.

Being a novice and a non-technical person, I do not go into the details, but believe in ease of use.

Now once we are ready with domain name & hosting. Connect them, how? Simple, just pick up the name servers from your hosting panel to domain hosting panel and paste it. Different hosts have different ways to do this. So, just obey your hosting company, every hosting company tells you the procedure. If you do not want to go through this painful process, book your domain and hosting at GoDaddy, they will do it for you.

I like GoDaddy for their quick service and fast implementation. You can go for shared hosting initially which is the ideal and cheaper option for starters. Once your site gets bigger you can go for VPS and later dedicated servers.

Don’t bother much on these technicalities, take steps and start blogging.

Third and last thing, after domain registration and hosting space, is to convert it in visible format on internet so people can view it and you can add content. The best option is to install wordpress.


WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it’s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. I love wordpress, it is the best, easy to use, no technical skills are required to start with. So, to start blogging wordpress is the most ideal platform.

I have started using wordpress for blogging and later for creating websites and it better for both. It has the scalability to become a good e-Commerce platform also. The best part, it is free and has millions of free themes and templates which can be installed very easily.

Just install wordpress.

This looks to be very simple and it really is. But, when you enter this world you start learning and achieving new frontiers.

Once you are up & online, it will take you just few minutes to publish your first blog post. It took me lot of time to learn and I want to make your life easy. So, relax this is just the first part. I will take you on a wonderful journey of world wide web (www) and make you its citizen.

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