The Secret to Continual Happiness

I'm gonna let you guys in on a big secret here. It's the secret to happiness.

You ready for this?

Nothing out there makes you happy.

There is nothing outside of yourself that ever will make you happy.

These are pretty radical statements. Nothing makes you happy !? Really?

That's right!

Now, this is not to say that it is impossible to experience the state of happiness. Clearly this is not the case, as you all have experienced throughout our lives. It IS of course possible to experience happiness.

To get a deeper understanding of what these two statements means, let's dig a little bit further.

Generally speaking, most of the time when we feel the emotion of happiness, it's because of something we've experienced. Perhaps a lover tells us "I love you," or we get a promotion in our job, or a stranger walking down the street smiles at us and winks, whatever the case may be, there's some sort of external "cause" to our happiness , or so it may seem.

In reality though, these external events are not so much a SOURCE of happiness as they are a TRIGGER to allow the happiness that's ALREADY WITHIN US to shine forth.

This is so important that I'm going to say it again.

There is no external SOURCE of happiness. Events that seem to induction a feeling of happiness are simply a TRIGGER to allow the happiness that is ALREADY WITHIN US to flow and make itself known.

So if external events are simply the trigger, what IS the source of happiness and what is it that's stopping the flow and preventing it from coming out?

The Ego: Your Emotional Gatekeeper

The ego is this mental energetic being within you who says that you're allowed to feel happiness when ABC happens but not when XYZ happens. ABC is judged and labeled as "good" while XYZ is considered "bad."

When your emotional state is controlled by external circumstances, you are being held HOSTAGE by the world. You have allowed yourself to be controlled, much like an emotional slave.

So the ego is what generally dictates when you're allowed to feel good and when you're allowed to feel bad.

Next time you feel good, notice where the happiness actually come from. Really take a good look. Is it literal coming from outside of you? Is it coming from within? See for yourself.

Why is the ego in control of my emotions?

This is the case because you have handed over the emotional steering wheel to the ego by choosing to allow it to make decisions FOR you. Instead of consciously choosing how you're going to respond in a particular situation, you've allowed yourself to turn into a stimulus-response robot who automatically responds (re-act, to act again based on past programming, much like a computer) to external stimuli.

Your true nature is to choose who you are being and to allow yourself to experience the world from a place of complete non-attachment. You are the awareness watching the parade of form dance in front of you much like a person watching a movie being played on the movie screen. You are watching the images. You are not the images themselves. The images have no power over you unless you identify with them and allow them to take power over you.

The ego is in control because you have chosen to stop making decisions from a higher source, your higher self.

What is the source of happiness?

Happiness is like the light of the sun. The ego is like the clouds blocking the light of the sun.

Your goal is not to create more sun, but rather to dissolve the clouds that are blocking the light of the sun from reaching you. Only then will you be able to bask in the glory of its warmth.

Happiness is available to one and all. There is no one who does not have access to it.

This happiness I am talking about is the pure joy of being. The source of happiness is your very being, your own existence.

"That does not sound very exciting!" you might say. I am being me and I'm not ridiculously happy! This can not be true.

Ah, again, it's not that the happiness is not there. It already is there if only you would allow it into your heart.

This happiness, this joy, it is the love of God and it will only enter your heart if you allow it to. Remember, you have free will and only by engaging your free will to allow for the love of God will you be open to receiving it at all.

This happiness is infinite, a state of bliss that is out of this world, both figuratively and literally!

The source of happiness is God. God is happiness. It is beyond any human emotion. It is something that must be experienced to be understood for it can not be adequately described in words.

What do I do with the gatekeeper?

That is up to you. The illusion is that you need it to allow the happiness to enter your life. You need to do something or be someone special to feel good.

The irony is that you put that gatekeeper in place, told it to stand guard, and then forgot that you put it there in the first place. You forgot it was never actually necessary!

If you want to experience progressively higher and higher state of happiness, continuous states of expansion, and blissfully open states of being, the way to do it is to get the gatekeeper out of the way.

He's a persistent little guy though and every time you fire him, he's going to keep coming back on guard. He believes he's so important that you really need him there to stop the flow of happiness! What would happen if you were TOO HAPPY! Oh no! lol …

Allow the gatekeeper to go.

Allow him to.

Do not try to fight him or push him away. Engaging in an epic struggle with him will only strengthen his solidity. Why? He's able to block more of your happiness! Mission accomplished!

He works by pushing against your own happiness, telling you you "should not feel good about this" or that "you're not worthy enough to feel good" or whatever else. He's telling you that you're not allowed to feel good.

Do not listen to him. Allow his words to get lost in the wind and dance away with the breeze.

As he continues to push, if there's no one to push back, he's going to topple right over. As he falls over, you'll be affected with a SURGE of inner joy and happiness.

Woohoo !!

It can be pretty overwhelming if you are not used to dealing with that much energy, at least not at first.

Realizing that he's not doing his job and that you're not used to that much energy, the ego jump right back into place and stop the flow of happiness.

You may even thank him for it because he's "protecting" you now from too much happiness. Do you realize how absurd this actually is when you look at it !?

Keep keeping the gatekeeper to go.

Keep allowing him to push and fall over. Offer no resistance.

Like building a muscle, the more you practice this, the better you'll get at it. Soon you'll be able to remain in a continuous state of flow.

Ironically, by no longer NEEDING things to go your way in order to be happy, you will be allowing what you actually want to enter your life. It is really when you do not need something that you find it shows up in your life.

There is nothing you need in life to be happy. All that's necessary is to stop pushing against the ego and allow it to theby collapse under its own weight.

Let the gatekeeper go and the result will be boundlessly abundant happiness and joy.

Incoming !!!: D

Source by Ariel Bravy

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