Seven Steps To Good Business Leadership

Leadership: Art and Science

Leadership is both art and science. It is a science in that specific tasks and functions can be identified and described as constituting leadership. It is an art in that how a person goes about those tasks and functions makes all the difference.

There are at least seven functions of the business leader common to most businesses:

Identify and communicate the mission, goals and objectives.

Get agreement from everyone involved that the mission, goals and objectives are worthwhile.

Determine the needed resources. Do not overreach!

Identify and find the resources. Almost all of the new business failures are due the
resources were lacking.

Make a good plan.

Use the resources wisely.

Evaluate constantly and make necessary changes. Flexibility is important.

Business leaders could learn a great deal from watching the presidential campaigns and professional baseball.

The presidential campaigns are managed with an eye on each of these seven functions. The gathering and managing of people and money to make the campaigns viable is a work of art based on known principals. That is to say, it is both art and science. Chaotic as political campaigns appear to the naked eye, with people running helter skelter and the phones ringing and so forth, they are in fact well-planned and well-executed organized effective endeavors. The work of thousands of people is orchestrated. There is focus. Everyone pulls together for a clear purpose.

Professional baseball games are also a clinic in leadership. The manager is actually more than a manager. The manager is the leader. A very good baseball team always has a very good manager. Good managers find the talent and then motivate their players. Good teams are made up of good players who are on the same page. That is no accident! The manager makes good decisions about the game plan, utilizes the talents of the players wisely. Above all, the manager makes necessary changes throughout each game. The results with very good teams speak for themselves. Baseball managers are excellent examples for business leaders to study. In the end, business results speak for themselves. Good leaders get good business results, just as good baseball managers get good results.

The proof (of good leadership) is in the pudding!

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