Relationship Secret – If They Do not Want You, You Do not Want Them

I just read an email from one of the coldest fish I've ever met in business.

Not only is she bloodless, but she's a dunce. Even Don Juan, who said we truly sharpen our skills as warriors by dealing with "impossible people" in high places, even that Master of the Universe, would find this mortal, this "petty tyrant," an utter abomination.

Still, there is a lot to be learned from such an adversary.

For one thing, encounter resistance is what happens when you are too big a fish for a particular pond. As I have said in a recent article, quoting a Chinese saying, "In shower waters, dragons are the sport of shrimp."

If you are not really connecting with people, they're not "your people."

Something is wrong, and it goes way beyond your techniques, your diplomacy, and your ability to adjust ideas to people, and people to ideas.

One of the hardest lessons to accept, especially if we have been successful, is this:

If They Do not Want You, You Do not Want Them!

Do you remember being in grade school or high school and having a crush on someone who did not know you pursued? Worse, they did not WANT to know you pursued?

Most of us have had this experience of undesired love, and it hurts.

But what's tragic is actually winning over "the wrong person," someone for what you are second choice or worse, a choice of last resort. Then, you're doomed to having an unfulfilled, forless relationship.

It's far better to get the brush-off, as rejection used to be quaintly called. But instead of interpreting it as a negative, we should rejoice.

They know something you refuse to see, that you simply are not a good match.

If you're in sales, or you're job hunting, or trying to win anyone over to your perspective, and they're totally disinterested, be happy.

Do not waste a minute bemoaning "what might have been," because it was not actually meant to be.

Just paddle out to deeper waters and meet the catch of your dreams.

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